While Dubai spoils for choice with beauty salons and yoga centres, there aren’t that many venues that ground you and help re-connect with nature and yourself. Luckily, Seva Experience is the one. A hidden gem located in Jumeriah 1, it is the ultimate sanctuary from hectic schedules and busy minds. Offering a 360 approach to a conscious lifestyle, the venue offers delicious plant-based food at the Seva Table café, wellness treatments at the centre with Seva Experience, and  a store with all you need for your wellness experience at Seva Stories. While there are many reasons that make this destination unique, here are a few top ones.

The food is as (nutritiously) good as it looks 

The F&B side of Seva Experience, Seva Table is the Middle East’s first 100% plant-based, gluten-free, cane sugar-free, and GMO free cafe since 2014. Featuring a menu of nutritious and flavorful dishes, the café proudly sources seasonal and local ingredients to create vibrant and organic meals. From vegan cakes to appetizers like Guacamole with Green Prebiotics or Conscious Nachos with Maca, or burgers with Chaga mushroom – there is a lot on offer at Seva Table.

The ambience, energy and lack of Wi-fi 

 Whether you are sitting in Seva’s lush garden or walking through the center, Seva boasts a tranquil, uplifting, and kind energy that instantly calms you down, and allows you to be present in the atmosphere around you. The interiors are earthy and rustic, there are mantras playing in the background, and incense is burning. Inside the café, there is a library full of timeless art and knowledge to keep you company. Even the wooden elements of the interiors like tabletops hold sacred energy, they are from the Ottoman times, shipped all the way from Anatolia. If you truly wish to disconnect from everything around you and reconnect with yourself and the immediate around you, there is no better place than Seva.

World-class wellness treatments 

Seva Experience boasts a team of teachers and practitioners from across the world, offering an array of classes, treatments, and unique wellness experiences. Weekly classes include sound healing, yoga, meditations, and more. There are also moon-cycle events like Cacao ceremonies, happening every month too. For those looking for a more personal approach, Seva offers private treatments including bodywork, energy healing, family constellations, sound healing and more. Open to guests of all levels, it’s a community space that inspires to live a more conscious lifestyle.


For more information about Seva please visit or follow them on socials @sevaexperience and @sevatable.

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