Horizon International School Launches Programme To Shape Future Leaders To Become Exceptional

Horizon International School, the British curriculum school in the heart of Jumeirah, has launched an exclusive EVOLV3 programme targeting most able, gifted and talented (MAGT) students from Year 4 to Year 13.  Students, who have demonstrated a high level of ability within the subjects they are passionate about and in which they excel, will learn to master their skills and develop confidence to become the future leaders of the UAE.


The introduction of EVOLV3 forms part of Horizon International School’s goal to continue offering premium quality British education at a more affordable price tag.  EVOLV3 will allow identified students to participate in an ongoing, rotational programme held over one weekend every month, maximising their potential to become exceptional contributors to the subjects in which they excel.  The innovative programme of activities will be hosted by specialised teaching staff, community leaders and guest speakers, who will deliver experiences that are not accessible within the constraints of the school’s weekly curriculum. These sessions will be pitched to stretch and challenge students to maximise their potential.


Darren Gale, Headteacher at Horizon International School, says: “Leaders aren’t born, they are made, and we are challenging our students to find the leader within them.  At Horizon International School, we pride ourselves on providing endless opportunities for students of all abilities, talents and skills. The newly introduced programme, EVOLV3, will give students a chance to learn more about the subjects they are passionate about and provide them with the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their community.”


For the inaugural session held on Saturday, 2 November 2019, Horizon International School teamed up with Fit Republik to deliver a ‘Serious about Sport’ session to the top 20 sport-oriented students from Year 6 to 12.  Upcoming sessions will focus on debating a war of words, unsolved mathematical problems, musical theatre, mad science, a TEDx conference, new technology and innovation.


Studies have shown that people who participate in most able, gifted and talented programmes have higher success rates in their field of study, maintain their interests well after school and likewise contribute to their specialised ?elds, leading to greater success in later life.


“Not many schools offer a bespoke educational programme like this, and we’ are proud to be able to open new doors for students and create future leaders for the country as a whole,” concludes Gale.


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