Hotpack to launch ‘Happiness Project’ to empower employees

Hotpack Global uses occasion of the company’s 26th year of operations as an opportunity to organise several employee-engagement programs

Hotpack Global, Hotpack Global, the world’s leading manufacturer of disposable food packaging products, announced launch of ‘Happiness Project’, an employee empowerment program. This is aimed to improve the welfare and engagement of its employees on the company’s 26th year of operations.

P Rajeev, Minister of Industry at the State Government of South Indian State of Kerala, recently visited Hotpack headquarters in Dubai Investments Park, and endorsed the ‘Happiness Project’ by officially releasing the campaign logo.

Commenting on this, Mr. Abdul Jebbar PB, Group Managing Director, said, “Hotpack is organising regional employee engagement programs including sports and cultural events, training sessions and workshops to celebrate this milestone. The program will be a combination of online and offline activities throughout the year with the aim of “discovering the hidden gems” in the company.”

“We will identify the talented individuals from Hotpack’s community of nearly 3500 employees. Those who are passionate about activities beyond the scope of their work will be inspired and supported to nurture their talents and become more valuable in the profession,” he added.

Mr. Zainudeen Beeravunni, Group Executive Director, said, “We didn’t celebrate our Silver Jubilee last year due to the extraordinary situation. So, it’s high time to take pride and rejoice and celebrate our success with our employees, who are the backbone of our company.”

“We are excited to discover what our employees are capable of beyond their given role in the company. We believe that with this approach, we can create a more versatile, creative and productive workforce by giving them the right platform and guidance,” said Mr. Anwar PB, Technical Director.

The previous year, Hotpack Global unveiled their online eco-store to promote sustainability in honour of World Environment Day. This year, it is putting its focus on prioritizing employees and their wellbeing as its main CSR initiative.

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