IAA-Lebanon Chapter Elects a New Committee

The IAA- Lebanon chapter held an ordinary general assembly in the presence of its members, and elected a new board for a two-year mandate. The executive committee includes:

Mr. Naji Boulos: President

Mr. Emile Tabanj: Vice President

Mrs. Joyce Hallak: General Secretary

Mrs. Liliane Maroun: Treasurer

Mrs. Amal Chammas and Messrs. Naji Irani, Georges Slim, Elie Achkouty, Ralph Bacha, Melhem Rachdan and Joe Ayache: Members

During the general assembly, Mr. Joe Ayache presented the achievements of the chapter for the past two years while Mrs. Liliane Maroun the treasurer explained the various expenses and revenues and the financial report was approved unanimously.

After the elections, the IAA members praised the new committee and the President who promised to continue to work hard for the benefit of the industry. Boulos stated: “We are faced with many challenges and we have to stand up united to face them. The Lebanon Chapter has always been on the forefront of leading the communication industry and will continue to do so. We will launch new activities in the next two years and with the help and support of all the members, namely the Young Professionals chapter.”

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