IMPEX Signs Partnership Deal with ZEEKR to Bring Premium Electric Vehicles to Lebanon

Impex, a leading automotive dealer in Lebanon since 1957, held a press conference and test drive event in Beit Misk, Beirut to announce its partnership with Zeekr, a premium electric mobility brand under the Geely Holding Group. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in the local automotive landscape, introducing cutting-edge electric vehicles that combine bold design, advanced technology, and sustainability.

About the Partnership

The partnership between Zeekr and Impex brings technologically advanced, premium electric vehicles to Lebanon. Zeekr is renowned for its cutting-edge electric mobility solutions, combining captivating aesthetics with exceptional performance. This collaboration underscores Zeekr’s and Impex’s mutual commitment to delivering high-quality, eco-friendly vehicles and advancing the adoption of advanced premium electric mobility in Lebanon. Together, they aim to set new standards in the local market, promoting sustainable transportation and innovation.

Executive Statements

Farid Homsi, Vice Chairman & General Manager of Impex, expressed his excitement about the partnership: “We are thrilled about our partnership with Zeekr, as it holds great promise for auto enthusiasts in Lebanon. This collaboration not only promotes sustainability and fosters a greener, healthier future, but it will also expedite the transformation of our sector. By shifting from internal combustion engines to electric motors, we’re empowered to stay current with new advancements in automotive technology.”

Cannon Wang, MENA Regional Managing Director of ZEEKR, emphasized the importance of the Lebanese market: “Lebanon marks an exciting new venture for ZEEKR as we expand our presence across the MENA region. Our entry into Lebanon is a pivotal step in our plan to provide premium EVs throughout the MENA countries. We are committed to aligning with the Lebanese market’s electric vehicle and green mobility goals, positively accelerating Lebanon’s transition to sustainable transportation and green mobility.”

Vehicle Models

In Lebanon, motor enthusiasts will have access this summer to two distinctive Zeekr models:

  • ZEEKR 001:This premium shooting brake offers a driving range of up to 620 kilometers on a single charge, with the ability to charge from 0% to 80% in just 30 minutes using a 200kW DC charger. It features 544HP, all-wheel drive, and an acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 3.8 seconds. Measuring 4,955mm in length, 1,999mm in width, and 1,548mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,999mm.
  • ZEEKR X:This compact SUV is tailored for modern living and exploration, delivering a driving range of up to 440 kilometers on a single charge with the ability to charge from 0% to 80% in just 28.8 minutes using a 150kW DC charger. With its dimensions at 4,432mm in length, 1,566mm in height, 1,836mm in width, and a 2,750mm wheelbase, it navigates city streets with finesse while commanding attention with its elegant design. It features a dual motor with 428HP all-wheel drive and 0-100 km/h in 3.8 seconds.

Both models are designed at Zeekr ‘s cutting-edge Global Design Center in Gothenburg, Sweden, led by Stefan Sielaff, Vice President of Global Design at Geely Auto Group.

Demonstrating Zeekr’s commitment to safety and sustainability, the all-electric Zeekr 001 and Zeekr X have both been awarded 5-star ratings from Euro NCAP, the highest possible outcome from one of the world’s most respected consumer safety assessments. These results reflect the advanced safety features of Zeekr vehicles and their contributions towards sustainable development.

Service and Support

Impex goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction extends beyond the purchase of Zeekr vehicles. The company boasts a service center staffed by expert technicians well-versed in electric vehicle technology, ensuring unmatched support for ZEEKR owners. Impex also ensures that spare parts are readily available for the upcoming models, enhancing the ownership experience.


Zeekr is the global premium electric mobility technology brand from Geely Holding Group. Zeekr aims to create a fully integrated user ecosystem with innovation as a standard. The brand utilizes Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) and includes its own battery technologies, battery management systems, electric motor technologies and electric vehicle supply chain. Zeekr’s value includes equality, diversity, and sustainability. Its ambition is to become a true mobility solution provider.

Zeekr operates its R&D centers in Ningbo, Hangzhou, Gothenburg and Shanghai and boasts state-of-the-art facilities and world-class expertise. Zeekr Global Design, located in Gothenburg and Shanghai, is home to a diverse, international team working in disciplines.

Since Zeekr began delivering vehicles in October 2021, the brand has delivered 260,000 vehicles to date including the Zeekr 001, Zeekr 001 FR, Zeekr 009 MPV, Zeekr 009 Grand, Zeekr X urban SUV, and Zeekr 007 sedan. Zeekr has announced plans to sell vehicles in European, Middle Eastern and other Asian markets, and has an ambitious roll-out plan over the next 5 years to satisfy the rapidly expanding global EV demand.

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