In a few days, get 90-day visa to Saudi Arabia

Under the new host visa system, Saudi citizens and expatriates will be able to avail 90-day visa for people under their personal sponsorship.

The Directorate General of Passports (Jawazat) and the Ministry of Haj and Umrah will introduce the host visa service through the Ministry of Interior’s portal of Absher. Once into effect, it will enable a citizen or expat to host from three to five Umrah pilgrims.

However, while Saudi citizens will be able to host anyone, expatriates can only bring close relatives under the new visa, the Saudi Gazette quoted sources as saying.

The host visa would cost SR500 per person for a year and the same person can be brought to the Kingdom at least three times in a year after issuance of separate visa for each travel through Absher.

The 90-day visa will also allow guests to travel freely throughout the Kingdom and participate in tourist activities. The data of the guests will be recorded in the Civil Status registry of citizens and Absher portal of expatriates.

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