In almost miraculous form, patient walks day after surgery

The adult human body has around 206 bones, and even if one of them breaks, it can affect the quality of our life. So when 52-year-old patient Naila wasem Putt suffered from a proximal femoral neck fracture, she had to go through a lot of pain and hardship.

Her first surgeon performed an open reduction and internal fixation by a nail, but unfortunately, the fracture did not heal as expected. The patient consulted different surgeons and underwent another surgery. During this second surgery the nail could not be removed, and the surgeon put a plate and screws to support the fracture. The new implant also failed, and all screws broke in the bone. The fracture still did not heal.

Even after two unsuccessful attempts, the patient and her family did not lose hope. She went for a third surgery. The plate was removed, but it was impossible to but a new implant as the broken screws and the nail stayed in the bone, and the non-healed fracture continued to ail her.

After being bed-ridden for almost two years, the patient was referred to Dr Oussama Chaar, Consultant – Orthopedic Surgery, Burjeel Hospital. “We wanted to do whatever we could to help her. The X-ray showed multiple non-healed fractures with multiple fragments everywhere in the hip, and many pieces of broken screws inside the bone. It was a very complicated case, and the previous surgeries made it more delicate,” says Dr Chaar.

But he did not give up, and rallied his team round. Dr Chaar performed a revision surgery, and removed all the broken material. He also reconstructed her bone and put a total hip prosthesis in her joint.

After spending the last 22 months in bed, fighting for mobility, the patient was able to walk on the second day post-surgery. 15 days after surgery the patient was able to walk again without crutches and go back to her normal life activities. Thanks to Dr Chaar and his team.

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