Inaugural edition of Policeman’s Carnival kicks off this Thursday

Marking the conclusion of an array of pre-event activities organized by the Dubai Police Academy ahead of the graduation ceremony of higher education students and 27th batch of cadets, the Academy will organize the first ‘Policeman Carnival’ of its kind, starting off this Thursday (January 9, 2020) running until January 15, 2020 at City Walk. Highlighting the role of Dubai Police in contributing to the happiness of the society and transforming Dubai into the safest city in the world, the Carnival will feature fun-filled interactive activities that will engage the members of the public, thereby contributing to their happiness.


Achieving the happiness of society


Brigadier Dr. Ghaith Ghanim Al Suwaidi, Director of the Dubai Police Academy, emphasized that the hosting of the first police carnival reflects the force’s continuing commitment to laying the foundations of happiness as a top priority and a primary goal in the UAE. He further added that the first edition of the Carnival will feature a series of events and exhibitions that are designed to spread positivity and promote creativity and innovation among the members of the society in order to make them happier, in line with the goal of transforming Dubai into the happiest city in the world.

Al Suwaidi added: “The inaugural edition of the Police Carnival will be launched following the overwhelming response witnessed by the pre-event activities that we organized ahead of the graduation ceremony of higher education students and 27th batch of cadets. The underlying values of tolerance, love and brotherhood rooted within the Dubai’s community were reflected in the remarkable turnout witnessed by the pre-event activities. We look forward to the Carnival with confidence and optimism, in line with our continuous efforts to organize recreational and educational activities that benefit society and enhance the happiness of individuals, while also spreading the spirit of giving, brotherhood, affection, respect and positivity.”

“Exhibitions” and “Events”

Al Suwaidi explained that the first edition of the Carnival is set to create a festive atmosphere in City Walk, with a massive turnout from members of the society to enjoy a series of activities held daily from 4.00pm to 11.00pm. The events and exhibitions, the two major categories of the Carnival, have been designed to appeal to audiences of all age groups, he added.

Exhibition Section

The set of exhibitions will include Drones Gallery, the Dubai Police Academy exhibition, Success Stories Exhibition, Punitive Institutions Products Exhibition, Military Uniform Exhibition, Heavy Equipment Exhibition, Dubai Police Achievements Exhibition, as well as the Photo Gallery, the Direct Transport Studio, and the Dubai Police Shop. Meanwhile, horses show, military shows, bands, and bicycle shows, as well as shows for the Protection Schools, classic cars and bicycles will form part of the Carnival events. Furthermore, the section will feature an electronic gaming area and instant photography, along with a range of fun games such as a crime scene game and a ‘catch the flag’ competition set in the ‘Hub Zero.’

The graduation ceremony of students and the 27th batch of cadets will take place on January 15, 2020, in City Walk’s Coca-Cola Arena. The ceremony will witness 117 students graduate with a bachelor’s degree in law and police sciences. The graduates include 101 students from the UAE, eight from Saudi Arabia, seven from Bahrain and one from Kuwait. Besides, 52 more students will graduate in the master’s and doctorate programs. The ceremony is expected to attract more than 10,000 attendees. A magnificent lights art show, artistic displays and 6D shows, which will be held for the first time in the world, will all add sheen to the ceremony, which is being held in cooperation with Memories Events, the organizer of the event.

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