Inculcating positive habits can help children cope better with the regular school routine – Mira Khleif

The ‘Back to school’ session is intended for parents and children alike to settle back into the routine. Now, the most important concern seems to be, what more can parents do to aid children going back to school in this emotionally turbulent time?

Sharing her experience and knowledge on how positive habits can help children in their daily routine; entrepreneur Mira Khleif organized an insightful session for mothers and social media influencers. Aimed at shedding light on creatively instilling positive habits in children, the session dealt with the methods and means that parents can use to create a sustainable daily routine. The workshop held by Mira included ways to recognize children’s feelings and behaviours as well as effective techniques to manage their emotions; the session offered practical and easy tips to offer timely help for children and parents alike.

Speaking of how children perceive their ‘back to school’ routine and the challenges faced by the family, Mira Khleif said; “There is no doubt that the first few days of returning to school are somewhat difficult. Children require a set routine in order to have a predictable and steady day; emotions run wild when the routine is broken as this creates a sense of uncertainty that often manifests in tantrums. After the summer holiday, most children who have travelled abroad have had a limited routine during this time and getting back into a stable school routine can be tough. Having the proper tools helps in ensuring that a routine is set and followed.”

Having a daily routine is a precious tool for parents to organize their time with their children more importantly, reduce uncertainty amongst children. Mira strongly opines that it is important to create positive habits as they help in dealing with daily schedules, calmly and confidently. The secret behind building a habit is consistency, repetition and the use of appropriate tools and means to make the child accept the instructions given to them without feeling burdened.

It is important to stimulate their senses and work together for a positive outcome. The use of the traditional method of directing instructions through speech doesn’t prove beneficial as it only stimulates the sense of hearing and in some cases fear. Most parents experience that it loses its effectiveness with time and becomes useless at some point.

Further, into the session, Mira also pointed out the importance of understanding how the child receives information; She highlighted that it’s crucial to use a language that your child can understand and relate to. When implemented thoughtfully, the daily routine can become a parents’ magic tool that they create exclusively for them as a family with the help of their children, making it a win-win situation for both.

Mira also shared her personal experience of raising two wonderful boys. Speaking of her motherhood journey, she said; “In dealing with my children, I make sure to allocate time to teach them ‘life skills’ through playing and creating a safe environment to express their feelings. This helped me raise children with independent personalities and they have the confidence to blend in with their surroundings and face the world at large.”

Mira Khleif’s MKandM brand has been developing innovative educational and recreational tools to help parents, teachers, and caregivers engage children in a playful way. The brand has some fascinating tools and flashcards to elevate children’s back-to-school experience.

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