Insignia launches First Clean Payment Card to support Communities during Covid-19 and beyond

Insignia, the world’s leading luxury financial and lifestyle management group, Insignia, has successfully developed a technology of layeredmetal coating that prevents germs from living on the coating. This has now been applied to their cards, creating a completely clean payment card and they are championing for the technology to be used by other brands too.  This powerful new technology was created in response to the global COVID -19 pandemic, as Insignia looked at new ways of supporting their clients. As reported, one of the most unavoidable forms of germ transmission occurs through the ordinary use of money and credit cards, and with 63% of people being credit card holders in the UAE (roughly 5 million active credit cards in circulation*), the potential risk of spreading the bacteria is very high. 

This is a completely new technology that Insignia have developed for their clients and is also something they want to openly share with other brands to support in the minimisation of germs and fight the spread of Covid-19. 


We think this is an extremely powerful development that can and should be applied to many other products, and believe that in spreading the word about this amazing technology created by Insignia, we can all help in preventing the transmission of Covid-19.


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