International model Maye Musk in Lebanon to discover Beirut and the beautiful energies and cultural aspects

Howayek: We seek to emphasize Beirut's leading position in all fields


Maye Musk, a 70-year-old international model visited Beirut after being personally invited by the executive director of Banque Du Liban Ms. Marianne Howayek. In order for her to see the beautiful Beirut in its cultural and artistic activities, Ms. Howayek organized a 3-day full schedule.

Moreover, she organized a meeting between the international model and the international designer Elie Saab as well as an exclusive interview at the Jamalouki Com. Conference.

During her meetings, she talked about her experiences in both fashion and nutrition fields. Musk was awarded a prize by the General Assembly of the United Nations and appeared as Ambassador to the world’s top Brands.

What’s worth mentioning is that Musk is the mother of international billionaire Elon Musk, the founder of Space X Company for space exploration technology, X.Com Company and Tesla Motor Company. Elon Musk is considered as one of the world’s most prominent names today in the world of technology especially after sending the first aircraft to the International Space Station.

As Ms. Howayek invited Ms. Musk to a special/private dinner, she stated that the reason she wanted Ms. Musk to visit Lebanon was to emphasize that Beirut is leading in all fields and to introduce to the world Lebanon’s youthful energies embraced by this beautiful country. Adding that Ms. Musk is an example for entrepreneurs and an example that success knows no limits nor age.

Mrs. Marianne Howayek is one the most prominent founders of the entrepreneur business sector in Lebanon which was launched by Banque Du Liban in 2013 through 331 Circular. She even organized several international conferences in which participated international figures in the technological and entrepreneurship fields.

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