Delizie Gourmet, the newly opened artisanal café serving authentic Italian delicacies, has arrived at the Dubai Harbour Yacht Club. The venue is surrounded by remarkable panoramic views of the prominent Dubai Marina skyline and Ain Dubai backdrop and has been designed within the picturesque harbour filled with yachts, a timeless ambiance featuring interiors that take cues from the gleaming sea, with hints of blues and corals, perfectly capturing coastal scenery and vitality.

Amidst the spectacular setting, Delizie Caffè Gourmet invites one to indulge in a laid-back atmosphere and warm hospitality with luxurious yet simply designed Italian-flair. The breakfast menu includes a selection ‘From the Oven’‘Fruit and Cereals’ and ‘Delizie Signatures’.

Inside the classic and stylish café, you will find a display of Italy’s favorite pastries and desserts, including Delizia al Limone, CannoncinoSalted Chocolate CaramelPistachio Bigne and Baci al Cioccolato, that are crafted by the resident maestro pasticcere, Jia Deng.

At lunch time, the window display selection will change to a classic Italian deli counter with freshly baked individual slices of Pinsa, focaccia and classic Italian croissant sandwiches. The á la carte menu offers a selection of Delizie sandwiches and light artisan salads that are well paired with healthy blends and fresh juices.

 “We are pleased to introduce yet another concept to our growing portfolio of innovative venues. Our business model focusses on bringing friends and families together to celebrate life, so our approach and strategy are committed towards the evolving demands of our guests. Delizie Caffè Gourmet promises to deliver on all fronts – serving the best of Italian flavours with uninterrupted views of the Harbour and Ain Dubai.” Lorenzo MarrasVP of Dining Division at Sunset Hospitality Group.

The venue is open daily, from 8AM – 6PM and 8AM – 8PM from 1st December onwards. Delizie Caffè Gourmet’s menu assortment will be available for take-away and home delivery with the gourmet selection to enjoy at home.

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