The 2023-2024 academic year will kick off with a new complete educational offer, including three different pathways to train future managers in the exponentially growing business of Fragrances and Cosmetics.

Istituto Marangoni expands its range of action to the world of Fragrances and Cosmetics, offering a new set of programmes at its schools in Milan, Florence, Paris and Dubai. The offer is for those passionate about fragrances, cosmetics and beauty products and interested in acquiring specific skills for a global vision of the business processes and practices that drive the sector. An articulated pathway within a universe that combines glamour and business to analyse sales, distribution and marketing strategies, with particular attention to licensing for luxury fragrance, make-up and skincare brands.

“The fragrances and cosmetics sector is constantly growing worldwide, generating $500 billion in sales annually. Analysts consider it one of the driving sectors in the next three years in the luxury goods industry worldwide. Istituto Marangoni, which has always supported talent in Fashion, Design and luxury, could not fail to grasp the potential of such a strategic market and so close to the DNA of its educational offer. Most of the perfumes in the market today are the natural extension of the respective fashion and luxury brands, and the professional skills needed are the same as those of the fashion business, i.e. how to create a brand, how to position it on international markets and promote it with its distinct uniqueness. Moreover, through accurate market analysis, we found no Higher Education academic offer dedicated to the sector and based on actual market demands. Hence the need to progress from a Bachelor’s Degree to a specialised Master’s programme responding to the job opportunities in the industry at an international level. With this new academic offer, Istituto Marangoni wants to create a system with the major players worldwide to train professionals who will make a difference in the future of the business”, said Stefania Valenti, Managing Director of Istituto Marangoni.

The high quality of the new Fragrances&Cosmetics programmes is supported by the outstanding partners that Istituto Marangoni is teaming up with. These include Accademia del Profumo, founded by Cosmetica Italia – the Italian association of cosmetic companies – in 1990 to enhance fragrances as an essential element of well-being, promote creativity, and spread the knowledge and culture of perfume in Italy.

The Dubai school will launch with an Intensive course in Product Management for Fragrances & Cosmetics, starting in September 2023.  The course is envisioned for professionals with no prior knowledge in this field, wishing to gain a better understanding of these industries. Additional courses in the fragrance and cosmetic field are expected to launch at the Dubai campus in 2024.


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