Beat the heat and protect your skin naturally with our Ultimate Protection Sunscreen SPF40!

It is no secret that one of the most important steps of our skin regimen is to apply sunscreen, and now that we can finally go out to enjoy the sun, let’s not forget!

Our unique COSMOS Organic Certified Sunscreen SPF40 is safe and suitable for all ages starting from 6 months! It is rich in Mauritia Flecuasa Fruit Oil or “ Buriti Oil ” that has a golden colour with high content of beta carotene in comparison to carrot seed oil, linoleic and palmitic acid which prevent the skin from aging and the most important benefit is the high protection from the harmful sun-rays that damage the skin.

Our Ultimate Protection Sunscreen SPF40 was created using cruelty-free methods as well as free from SulfatesParabenSynthetic Perfume and 1.500 other harmful or controversial ingredients.

You can shop this SPF and many more products on www.ixoraworld.com

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