Come New Year, there is no better time to commit to a fresh set of hair care resolutions. It is time to cease things sabotaging self-care and begin to reset bad habits – especially when it comes to hair. In fact, the condition, color, and texture usually need a complete detox in January.

Hair can become dull, dry, and needs a hydration shot with the winter season. The Argan-infused Hair Wash Treatment is izil beauty’s anecdote for healthier and better-looking hair.


izil‘s Hair Wash treatment carries natural products combined with advanced technology that helps in reversing the winter season’s effects. The luxurious ritual gives practical results through a unique experience of indulgence, opulence, and pampering.


The ‘Hair Wash Treatment’ is a set of three products that go lock by lock to deliver the expected results: izil‘s Argan Nourishing Shampoo, Argan Nourishing Conditioner, and an added IZIL Detangling Brush.


The hydrating ‘Argan Nourishing Shampoo’ is derived from 98.6% natural ingredients, working to lock in moisture without weighing hair down and promoting a healthy scalp. The combination of Argan Oil and wheat protein allows deep penetration of the formula’s Vitamin E, fatty acids, and cystine to the hair cuticle – improving elasticity, reducing porosity, and boosting shine.


The ‘Argan Nourishing Conditioner’ follows, improving overall hair health with its infusion of argan oil, coconut oil, and selenium-rich horsetail extract to improve scalp circulation and hair strength.


Covering all roots and grounds, the ‘Detangling Brush’ maximizes the routine with its unique two-tiered system technology to detangle and smooth the hair cuticle for healthier-looking, lustrous hair and helps prevent breakage and damage.

izil offers the complete hair restoration kit for three hair types: oily, dry, and all hair types.

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