Given the difficult times Lebanon is passing through, 2021 was the ideal year for JCI Lebanon to relaunch the Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) Award locally. After receiving more than 80 nominations and following a selection process carried out by a panel of esteemed judges, a virtual National Ceremony hosted by JCI Beirut was held on the 27th of May, 2021, to announce the finalists.

Among the many international attendees of the night was John Loughton, Global Ambassador of JCI and Past TOYP Honoree, who joined all the way from Scotland to give the Keynote Speech. “Whether you win or not, congratulations because you are acting and leading from the heart. You have the audacity to believe you have the right to change this planet and that is such a beautiful ingredient in the recipe that will not only take us out of this pandemic but start to redefine the power structures that we desperately need to keep this planet going. That is what JCI and TOYP is all about,” he said.

For his part, JCI Secretary General Kevin Hin said “I am always impressed by the resilience and the dynamism of the Lebanese people all around the world. Wherever you go you bring a spirit of hard work and enterprise which embodies JCI’s global direction.”

JCI Lebanon managed to shortlist incredible young Lebanese individuals to send across to the international TOYP judging panel, and if selected, will be recognized on a global scale. Nationally, however, the selection process was based on the top scores across all categories after adding up the total scores assigned by the judges. The panel consisted of Dr. Martine Abboud, Mr. Mohammad Hijazi, and Mr. Fadi Naffah.

The full 2021 JCI Lebanon TOYP Ceremony can be viewed here


Meet the 2021 Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Lebanon:


· Ziad Chelala: Business, economic and/or entrepreneurial accomplishment

· Khalil El Rai: Business, economic and/or entrepreneurial accomplishment

· Chafic Daoud: Academic leadership and/or accomplishment

· Yasmine Dagher: Cultural achievement

· Georges Bitar: Moral and/or Environmental leadership

· Hala Najm: Contribution to children, World Peace and/or Human Rights

· Maya Terro: Humanitarian and/or voluntary leadership

· Pamela Malakee: Scientific and/or technological development

· Amani Beainy: Political, legal and/or governmental affairs

· Dr. Najib El Tecle: Medical innovation


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