JETOUR highlights hybrid off-road innovation and expansion at Beijing Auto Show

JETOUR, an industry-leading, innovative SUV brand held a global press conference at the Beijing Auto Show, providing insights on its strategic advancements and enhanced partnerships, further solidifying its vision of ‘Travel+‘. The event highlighted JETOUR’s ongoing commitment to seamlessly blend travel with technology, offering a glimpse into a future where exploration and innovation go hand in hand.

 “China’s ascent in the automotive landscape is a testament to our innovation and drive. As the global auto industry undergoes significant transformations, we at JETOUR remain steadfast in ‘Travel+’ strategy. Our aim is to not just participate but to lead the ‘Travel+’ segment worldwide,” said Ke ChuanDeng, Vice President of JETOUR Auto. “With ‘One World, One JETOUR,’ we have laid down in our ‘Travel+’ footprints across the globe, extending our reach through 600 sales and service networks in over 50 countries and regions. Our readiness to enter into markets with right-hand drive vehicles and our upcoming foray into Europe demonstrates our commitment to global integration.”

 Additionally, he highlighted the JETOUR’s dedication to ESG principles, “At JETOUR, we believe in the power of sustainable development. Through our ESG initiatives, we strive to create and contribute tangible value to society, ensuring that as we grow, we do so with responsibility and purpose.”

 In a strategic partnership with the Discovery Channel, JETOUR reinforced its ‘Travel+‘ philosophy through the ‘Cheetah Conservation Project.’ merging adventure with ecological mindfulness and environmental stewardship. This project sits within a larger framework of JETOUR’s global ESG activities including supporting women’s health initiatives in Latin America, fostering child development in the Middle East and enhancing traffic safety education across Africa.

 JETOUR introduced its super hybrid off-road platform, embodying versatility, energy prowess, intelligent cockpit innovations, and cutting-edge electronic architecture. The super hybrid i-DM system, integrated with a 1.5TGDI high-efficiency engine, a specialised DHT gearbox for hybrids and an advanced battery and management system, promises to revolutionise vehicle performance, energy efficiency and safety standards.

 “At JETOUR, we centre our product development around the evolving customer demands in an effort to boost customer satisfaction and forging strong relationships through co-creation and attentive listening. We are dedicated to not just following but shaping this strategy by continuously innovating our ‘Travel+’ products and ecosystem. Our goal is to simplify, enhance and make traveling a more delightful experience for everyone,” said Dai Lihong, Executive Vice President of JETOUR Auto. “By adhering to global standards and regulations, and partnering with renowned global suppliers, we ensure our new products are of the highest quality, maintaining JETOUR’s reputation as a brand that customers can trust and rely on, wherever their travels take them.”

 During the press conference, JETOUR Automotive highlighted their ‘Travel+’ series of products, with the spotlight on their hybrid electric T-series lineup. The series is specifically crafted for off-road enthusiasts, including the flagship A+ class T1 plug-in hybrid SUV, equipped with a 1.5TGDI engine, which is expected to enter the market in 2024. In addition, the T2 Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV), an innovative travel-oriented hybrid SUV designed for off-road adventures, is set to make its international debut in the fourth quarter. It features a substantial battery capacity for on-the-go charging, enhanced safety features and efficient performance across all speed ranges, ensuring quick acceleration, stable cruising and fuel savings for daily commuters.

 The T5 will be JETOUR’s first model featuring a girder structure, equipped with a 2.0T engine designed exclusively for hybrid systems, with an expected launch in an upcoming year.

 In addition, the T2 model, a leader in China’s light off-road vehicle market segment, is set to conquer the Middle East market in 2024. In response to market demands, JETOUR is set to release an extended seven-seater version of the T2, as well as a specially modified four-wheel-drive version to enhance off-road experience and convenience.

 JETOUR is also set to expand its innovative product lineup with the introduction of the T7, a vehicle that redefines the boundaries between land and water travel. “Looking ahead, JETOUR is poised to revolutionise the concept of travel with the upcoming T7 model, with the ability to cruise over water with the same ease as it can on land,” Dai explained. “This extraordinary vehicle will not only take on challenging terrains but will also have the ability to sail for up to 40 minutes, offering an unparalleled travel experience.”

 In alignment with global market trends and consumer preferences, JETOUR is also charting its course in the international arena with a strategic approach to technology adoption. Beyond the hybrid models, JETOUR is committed to continuing the development of gasoline-powered vehicles to meet current market demands. The brand is expected to offer a combination of traditional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) models alongside advanced Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV), ensuring a comprehensive and versatile range of options for consumers worldwide. This dual-technology route underscores JETOUR’s dedication to catering to a variety of needs while upholding its commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the automotive sector.

 Over the past years, JETOUR has demonstrated exceptional growth and a burgeoning dominance in the SUV segment. The company boasts the seventh position in China’s automotive export volume and ranks second in growth rate, indicating its undeniable global impact. Leading the market share in Angola and asserting a strong presence in Uruguay’s SUV market, JETOUR’s expansive network, which includes over 600 sales and service centres in more than 50 countries and regions, is a clear indicator of its international reach and ambitions of penetrating right-hand drive and EU/EU-like markets.

 As the ‘Travel+‘ vision evolves, JETOUR invites the world to embark on a voyage of discovery and innovation, promising unforgettable journeys. JETOUR is committed to leading the charge in the automotive industry’s future, where travel and technology converge to deliver captivating experiences.


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