Jewellery trends for SS’21 – House of Biori

Jewellery can do wonders to up any outfit and add the glam quotient to it. Taking cue from the runways, these are some highlight jewellery trends for SS’21, that are not worth overlooking.


Geometric Gems
They exude a reflective, bold and chromatic stimulation that makes it fun, quirky and contemporary. A collection that fuses structure and fluid together.  


Floral Fantasies
Say spring and it has to be about flowers and they sure do play a big role in jewellery designs this time round. From ear to neck with larger than life statement earrings and chokers festooned with bold and colorful flowers.


The Cubist
Inspired by one of the most influential art styles of the early 20th century- ‘Cubism’.An art form that involved breaking every object into its geometric form using multiple and contrasting perspectives. Interlocking shapes and geometric planes is the essence. Cubism in its various forms inspired multiple related movements in literature and architecture.


The Thatched
Inspired by the organic form of the Thatch, a collection of eclectic jewelry pieces handcrafted on brass dipped in 18ct gold electroplating accentuated with natural crystals. A true statement all the way.


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