Some media and social media platforms relayed claims that “The operations department of the General Directorate of Civil Defense received a notification on Monday at midnight (February 3, 2020), according to which, a large amount of fuel has leaked from the Powership Fatmagül (Sultan) after a pipe cracked while unloading the ship’s cargo at the Zouk thermal power plant, forming a thick layer of approximately ten centimeters on the surface of the water.”


Karpowership, the owner and operator of Powerships Fatmagül Sultan and Orhan Bey, is keen to stress that its Powerships in Zouk and Jiyeh operate the most sophisticated purification and filtration systems, consequently preventing any harm to the sea water, in compliance with the highest environmental and safety standards applied worldwide. Karpowership confirms that the Powership Fatmagül Sultan is in no way related to the fuel leak mentioned in the claims today.


The aforementioned leak is due to a cracked pipe used to pump fuel into EDL tanks, and is not related in any form to the Powership Fatmgül Sultan. It is worth mentioning that Karpowership’s staff operating Fatmagül Sultan was completely mobilized to assist the Civil Defense units and the workers at EDL to contain the leak.

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