Keep Your Kids Entertained This Summer with the Kidz Love Artbox

Looking for ways to keep your little one engaged over the holidays with less screen time? Invest in the Kidz Love Artbox this summer and inspire everlasting creativity and fun while teaching them a new skill. This premium, handcrafted box includes all the essentials your child needs to explore his inner artist.

 The Kidz Love Artbox is a luxury all-in-one kit that comes with a 30X40 cm canvas, high quality materials, and detailed guidance for your teen to get all the inspiration to create a masterpiece to be proud of. It comes equipped with a hand-sketched outlined canvas of your selected fun painting (choose from over 30 designs) which gives your kids ample confidence to get the brush moving, while giving the freedom to ‘go outside the lines’ and make colourful strokes to create something innovative and individual. Every piece comes with a step-by-step tutorial and an engaging instruction video, three high-quality brushes and ample paint they can use for many more creations.

The perfect creative art gift for teenagers and kids that will last forever. Order via

 Starting from AED250

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