“Kermalak Ya Watan”… celebrating the heart of our nation the Lebanese Army Forces

Amidst the crises Lebanon is going through, a ray of light always shines the way when at darkest hours. The Lebanese Army Forces are always the backbone of the people, ready to protect them against all odds and always on guard to keep the Lebanese lands intact and free. For this noble mission and to honor every soldier in this respectable institution and under the patronage of Commander of the Lebanese Armed Forces General Joseph Aoun, “Lebanese & Proud” NGO is honoring our Army Forces, on their 75th anniversary, on August 1, 2020 with a live concert at 8h45 p.m. Beirut time broadcasted on all local TVs.

“Kermalak ya Watan” is a virtual celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Lebanese Army Forces organized by Lebanese & Proud NGO, whose aim is to support governmental institutions, and executed by ICE International Events, held at the Legend Venue Naher El-Kaleb with no audiences.

The celebration will include a variety of music, songs, reports, dance performance and a magnificent visual show showcasing the milestones and emblems of the honorable institution. The show will feature the singers Assi Al-Hallani, Joseph Attieh, Ramy Ayach, Ghassan Saliba, Melhem Zain, (by alphabetical order) and the poet Nizar Francis who offered their performances for their love to the Army. In addition the composer Michel Fadel will orchestrate a musical piece performed by 50 musicians and 30 choir members. Dance also will pay tribute to the Army with a magical performance by Nadim Cherfane, known for choreographing the group Mayyas.

With everything happening in Lebanon, “Kermalak Ya Watan” will add a glimpse of positivity amidst the negativity surrounding the people, and lift their spirits in celebration to the saviors of this country and its protectors.

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