KFC Celebrates Founder’s 128th Birthday by Inspiring Positive Acts of Colonel-ness Across the Region

KFC, the world’s largest chicken restaurant, has announced a new annual initiative in honor of Colonel Harland Sander’s 128th birthday, celebrating Acts of Colonel-ness that radiate kindness, inspire positive change within the community and remind people to be generous in thoughts and actions. Building on the brand’s strong commitment to all people and communities, the initiative will be launched today around the globe and calls on over 300,000 employees in 131+ countries to rally together to pledge towards committing Acts of Colonel-ness – whether through a formally organized team volunteer event or to simply lending a hand to a neighbor in need.


To kick off this initiative in the region, KFC teams in UAE, KSA and Egypt, have set out to recognise the efforts of the unseen heroes in the food delivery teams, in line with the Colonel’s passion to lend a hand to all people to have an opportunity to do all that they can, in the best way that they can. Staff members from flagship stores across the three markets are extending a warm-hearted thank you to all delivery drivers who arrive for pickup at KFC flagship stores.


More than 1,000 drivers across the three markets are being personally greeted with ‘Cool-ness Kits’ throughout the Colonel’s birthday month. These kits have been created with the aim of providing drivers with a boost of refreshment in the scorching heat, featuring various cooling products, as well as a special thank you note as a token of appreciation for their continued efforts.


Commenting on the initiative, Saber Sami General Manager, MENAPAK, KFC said, “As the world’s largest chicken restaurant, we believe it is our responsibility to give back to the communities where we live and work – especially as we continue to recognise the relentless efforts of our food delivery teams who have long been the backbone of our network. Taking this one step further, we want to dedicate this year’s initiative as a special token of appreciation for our delivery drivers, particularly for their unwavering strength despite tough weather conditions and heavy traffic. Without their persistence, we would not be able to deliver our food to thousands of customers across the region on time and in the best quality.”


As a continued token of appreciation, KFC stores across the UAE, KSA and Egypt will be extending this initiative to all branches and franchises until the end of year to provide all food delivery drivers with cool refreshments when they arrive in all stores for their pickups.


KFC now invites customers to join this journey of kindness and extend their own tokens of appreciation to recognise the great efforts of these relentless individuals – be it through spreading some cheer with a simple thank you, or by greeting delivery drivers with cool refreshments to help them re-energize after their long drives.

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