Khalifa Fund organizes ‘Tajribty’ Forum to support entrepreneurship in tourism sector

The Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development (KFED) recently organized the ‘Tajribty’ Forum at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi, in cooperation with the emirate’s Department of Culture and Tourism and the Department of Economic Development. The forum aimed to enhance communication and dialogue among Emirati entrepreneurs supported by the Fund, professionals within the tourism sector in the UAE, and the Fund’s strategic and local partners.

The ‘Tajribty’ Forum was aligned with the Fund’s vision to enhance the communication and convergence among Emirati entrepreneurs for them to exchange experiences, transfer knowledge, and promote the spirit of innovation and creativity.

Mouza Al Nasri, Acting Chief Executive Officer, KFED, said: “Tajribty showcased the tourism sector’s projects and supported the sharing of experiences among UAE entrepreneurs. It aimed to enhance the interactive communication between owners of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and the local and strategic partners of the Fund. It was organized to support our drive to enhance the spirit of entrepreneurship among citizens and increase the competitiveness of the SMEs in the tourism sector to help them grow.”

Al Nasri added that the event was organized to instil an entrepreneurial culture in society designed for the young people in support of their innovative ideas in the field of tourism. By hosting the event, KFED sought to positively and directly contribute to the tourism industry by helping attract more visitors to Abu Dhabi and the UAE. She further pointed out that the Fund is keen to promote freelancing and other creative activities among Emiratis, in line with the wise leadership’s directives to achieve economic diversification, support the youth in their pioneering projects, and stimulate the sustainable growth of local SMEs, in keeping with the country’s socio-economic development.

During the forum, Khalifa Al Kuwaiti, Senior Manager of Entrepreneurship Development, KFED, highlighted the UAE’s distinguished status as a global tourist destination and major achievements, including its advanced and integrated tourism infrastructure, over the past two decades. He emphasized the country’s position and accomplishments, fuelled by the national government’s efforts to attract investments to the sector and build a strong tourism industry by optimizing all its potentials.

Another major highlight of the event was the ‘lessons learned’ initiative, which addressed the reality and the future of the tourism sector in the UAE. Ali Al Saloom, Cultural Expert and TV Presenter of the famous ‘Doroub’ program, shared his experiences in traveling around the world with the entrepreneurs who participated in the forum, pointing out the most prominent places that left positive impressions on him. He also answered the questions and queries raised by the forum’s participants about the different customs and cultures of people around the globe.

Meanwhile, Saeed Rashed Al Saeed, Destination Marketing Director, Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi), gave a presentation on ‘Investment and Potential Projects in the Tourism Sector.’ He talked to UAE entrepreneurs about the opportunities available within the tourism sector and how to invest successfully, pointing to the sector’s needs that can be exploited to boost its sustainability and growth.

For its part, the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) presented the rules and licencing procedures adopted by the emirate’s tourism sector. Mohammed Ali Al Marar, Director of ADDED Trade Licences Department, explained the local tourism licences and regulations.

In addition, two Emirati-owned tourism projects supported by KFED were presented. Ahmed Al Shamsi and Matar Al Mansoori briefed the audience about their respective business projects. Al Shamsi gave an overview of his company, the ‘Union Organizing & Fixing Camping.’ It sets up camps and tents and produce handicrafts that reflect the history and heritage of the UAE. The company is also responsible for organizing traditional festivals and securing the requirements for various kinds of events and parties.

Al Mansoori, the owner of ‘Al Badeyah Eyes Tourism,’ also gave a brief introduction about his company, which was established in 2009. It provides tours to Abu Dhabi and educates the emirate’s tourists and visitors about the traditional Bedouin life at Al Khazna Desert camp, which is run by the company.

During the forum, the participants, including KFED members, took part in an extended panel discussion. They answered various questions and inquiries related to the tourism and SME sectors in Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

The participants and various parties were honoured during the event for their contributions to the success of the forum. They were Saeed Rashed Al Saeed, the representative of DCT Abu Dhabi; Mohammed Ali Al Marar, representative of ADDED; and KFED-supported entrepreneurs Al Shamsi and Al Mansoori.

KFED continuously seeks to encourage citizens to start their own projects that will contribute to the UAE’s progress and development across key sectors. It enables UAE entrepreneurs to innovate, create business projects and optimize their full potentials to help boost the country’s socio-economic growth.

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