Khalifa Fund to support SMEs participating in the Liwa International Festival – Moreeb Dune

The Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development has announced a range of hospitality and food and beverage start-ups which will participate in the Liwa International Festival – Moreeb Dune, between December 26 and January 10.

Through supporting start-ups participating in the festival, the Khalifa Fund seeks to promote entrepreneurial presence in social, entertainment and commercial activities, seeking to grow the sales and development amongst the SMEs taking part.

Acting CEO of the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, Mouza Al Nasri, commented: “Our participation in the Liwa International Festival – Moreeb Dune is part of our wider commitment to supporting hospitality and F&B enterprises that have received our funding, allowing them to market their products and reach a wider consumer base.

“Participation of events such as these is part of the services which the Khalifa Fund provides to its members and other funded enterprises, in line with our vision of promoting entrepreneurial leadership amongst Emiratis, alongside enhancing the development and competiveness of employees.

“Enterprises working with us have the opportunity to learn valuable entrepreneurship lessons from others, alongside boosting their marketing plans in line with the needs of customers. The Liwa International Festival – Moreeb Dune presents a unique opportunity for enterprises to attract new customers alongside building a solid market reputation,” she concluded.

Member enterprises taking part in the Festival will be providing visitors with a wide range of hospitality services through their use of food trucks.

The Khalifa Fund acts to support the growth of leadership and entrepreneurship culture, alongside innovation and the sustainable growth of home-grown SMEs, alongside encouraging them to take part in the social and economic and development. It works to provide start-ups with access to a range of services and funding which they require, enabling those enterprises to thrive.

The Liwa International Festival is one of the region’s major festivals, and includes several events and sports activities. It attracts a wide range of both local and international visitors seeking adventure.

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