Khalil Daoud, Chairman & Managing Director of LibanPost, Recognized by the Schwab Foundation as “Outstanding Corporate Social Intrapreneur of the Year 2019”!

LibanPost’s Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Khalil Daoud, was recognized, alongside 6 other worldwide recipients, as the “Corporate Social Intrapreneur for the Year 2019”. This prestigious award, embedded in the platforms of the World Economic Forum, acknowledges a breed of leaders developing new sustainable models for business, human development and environmental initiatives, and supports an ecosystem of social innovation to accelerate the world’s collective progress.

This distinction was granted in recognition for Daoud’s visionary, pragmatic and courageous contributions to significantly improve the state of the world at large and that of Lebanon in particular. It comes as a crowning of LibanPost’s efforts, after a series of international recognitions the company was awarded this year for its operational and social responsibility impact.

During his speech, Daoud expressed his honor to receive this prestigious nomination and stated: “This confirms that social innovation is needed by our communities, and can make business sense. It is up to us to find out how.”

In the midst of high regional tensions and of a looming economic crisis, this award comes as a breath of promising air, LibanPost proudly placing Lebanon, once again, on the global map!

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