Kickstarting A New Passion Has Never Been Easier!

2020 has left a lot of us feeling somewhat deflated, so now that the weather has begun to cool, there couldn’t be a better time to kickstart a new hobby that will lift your mood and make you feel great! Studies show that starting a new hobby can not only reduce anxiety, depression and overall stress, but starting regular exercise can also reduce your risk of chronic diseases, help increase energy levels and improve overall sleep quality. The passion that drives Cycle Souq to encourage and inspire the nation to start a new cycling journey comes from sense of freedom, adventure, and joy so commonly felt on a bike!

Choosing the right bike can be daunting, especially if you are new to cycling, but the team of experts behind, the one-stop-shop for all things cycling, are here to put you at ease, assist and educate you on which bike is best suited to you and your intentions. From bike sizes, riding styles and budget, Cycle Souq are known for their in-depth knowledge, accessibility and affordability. The brand continues to accomplish their ethos “Click, Receive, Ride” by also offering a convenient complimentary assembly service and free delivery with every bike purchased within the UAE.

Here are Cycle Souq’s top picks for beginner cyclists:

Spartan 24″ Classic City Bike – Dhs. 479.00

This Spartan Classic City Bike is the perfect model for any women looking to kickstart a new cycling passion. The super easy, gear free and zero fuss bike is the perfect comfortable and convenient ride. Fitted with a practical basket and rear carrier, this bike is ideal for running errands, or leisurely trips around your community.
Spartan 27.5″ Ampezzo MTB – Dhs. 999.00
The Spartan Ampezzo Mountain Bike covers all of the basics. It boasts a low standover height making it the ultimate bike for beginners. Though suitable for the mountain trails, this bike is equipped with all-terrain tires, allowing you to explore more of the city. Durable and affordable, the Ampezzo MTB had to make Cycle Souq’s top picks for beginners.

Kickstart your new cycling passion by jumping online now and finding your perfect bicycle. For extra convenience, Cycle Souq are offering a complimentary assembly and delivery service within the UAE too.   To find out more information or to shop all the latest at Cycle Souq, visit Or keep in touch by following @CycleSouq on Instagram and Facebook.

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