KIKO Milano Unveils ‘Moonlight Treasures’: Inspired by the enchanting nights of Ramadan

KIKO Milano, the renowned beauty brand,

proudly announces the launch of its newest Ramadan collection, “Moonlight Treasures.”

Inspired by the enchanting nights of Ramadan,

the collection pays homage to beauty treasures and embraces traditional aspirations,

capturing the essence of self-reflection and unity during this sacred month.

 The Moonlight Treasures collection features a stunning palette of burgundy and rose gold,

carefully curated across categories such as eyes, face, lips, skincare and accessories.

KIKO Milano introduces a range of gift sets specifically crafted for the celebration of Eid,

providing a thoughtful and glamorous option for the festive season.

In a unique collaboration with Diaa Allam,

the renowned artist celebrated for his mastery in calligraphy,

KIKO Milano proudly presents an exclusive calligraphy

design implemented across the campaign, paying homage to the beauty and traditions of Ramadan and Eid.

The captivating design, inspired by “???? ??? ?????” (Moonlight Treasures),

reflects KIKO Milano’s commitment to cultural richness and artistic expression, intertwining beauty with Arabic art.

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