King Koil redefines style and comfort with its new premium sleeping products

King Koil, one of the leading mattress brands in the region, today has introduced a new range of comfortable sleeping solutions designed for a good night’s sleep. Engineered for optimal comfort and support, the new mattress grades and pillows have been manufactured with premium, organic materials and innovative technologies to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

The new mattress grades such as Eco Rest Mattress feature horsehair proven to have great hypoallergenic properties and raw natural cotton padding that adds extra naturalist element to the mattress. Additionally, Aero Plush mattress is equipped with Smart Cushion Aero System technology that enhances air flow and provides a buoyant sleep surface to provide the ultimate sleep experience.

King Koil also unveiled four new pillows called Chirapsia Dual Comfort Microfiber, Chirapsia Ortho, Ring Contour and the Dual Comfort Deluxe Goose Down pillows. The Chirapsia edition uses the SleepCool Fabric technology with its phase change materials to absorb, store and release heat for the ultimate luxury bedding sleep experience. Ring Contour pillows are enhanced with new generation memory foam care which uses the open cell ring memory foam, the most breathable than any memory foam in the market that offers freshness and softness and prevents compression, supports the head and shoulders to provide a luxurious and comfortable slumber. The Dual Comfort Deluxe Goose Down pillow uses superior goose down material for ultimate support and comfort. It uses ecological air visco memory foam care with adjustable layer.

The existing collection of the mattress will also adapt the technological advancements and mark the new embroidered labels apart from the new look and feel of the mattresses. The mattress collection will also feature the company’s newly patented ISCO Foam Gel Laminate technology developed specifically for the sleeping industry. The mattresses will tout Bio Cool Body Balance technology which helps to provide a cooler surface for sleeping and also relives stress and rejuvenates body’s natural bio rhythm.

The other unique mattress technologies include ifusion that helps in maintaining optimal temperature sleeping surface while conforming every curve of the human body, Advanced Pressure Support System provides proper spinal alignment reducing the tossing and turning. Free from harmful chemicals and toxins, King Koil mattresses are crafted from the most durable cotton and its high resilient foam helps in minimizing motion transfer.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Sundar Rajan – CEO of Dubai Furniture Manufacturing Company LLC, said, “Our focus has always been on providing the most durable and comfortable sleeping solutions at affordable prices. This new line of mattress collection features the most advanced technologies to address the needs of the consumers looking for the ideal balance between comfort and value. We have put our hybrid technology through excessive testing to offer this curated selection of mattresses to ensure everyone can find a mattress as per their sleep requirement.”

Customers who want a hands-on experience with the product can test the premium mattress collection at King Koil Sheikh Zayed road showroom and gradually, the new mattresses will also be available across all King Koil outlets in the UAE.

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