Kuwaiti social media star is under investigation for publicly dressing as the Joker

Apparently the new Joker movie has had quite an impact all over the world. For one social media star in particular, who caught a bout of contagious laughter, simply seeing Joker was not enough – he wanted to be him.

Ebraheem Hababi posted multiple images of himself on the streets of Kuwait dressed as the Joker, including videos of him mimicking his iconic laugh. However, despite having almost 95,000 views, the stunt has landed Hababi in some hot water.

The authorities were then notified of the scene and called Habibi in for questioning under the claim of “committing any acts that would destabilize security and spread fear,” according to Al Araby.

According to Al Majlliss, Hababi said that though he was not charged, the Ministry of Interior instructed him to sign a warrant explicitly saying he would not perform the stun again. The ministry also warned him and the general public that publicly dressing up as the Joker is prohibited.


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