Lamborghini Abu Dhabi and Dubai debuts the Revuelto in the UAE, the world’s first super sports V12 hybrid HPEV

Lamborghini Abu Dhabi and Dubai unveiled the highly anticipated first super sports V12 hybrid plug-in HPEV (High Performance Electrified Vehicle), Revuelto at a private function in Abu Dhabi. With its unprecedented new architecture, innovative design, maximum-efficiency aerodynamics and a new carbon frame concept, Revuelto sets a new benchmark for performance, sportiness and driving pleasure. With the power of three electric motors, a double-clutch gearbox and a brand-new combustion engine, the 12-cylinder Lamborghini model gives an output of 1015 CV for the first time.

The powertrain combines high specific power elements: the new 127 CV/litre combustion engine works synergically with two front axial flux motors that deliver an outstanding weight-to-power ratio, with a radial flux electric motor positioned above the first eight-speed double-clutch gearbox debuting on a12-cylinder Lamborghini. The three electric motors are powered by a lithium-ion high specific power (4500 W/kg) battery pack that also supports a fully electric drive mode.

Mr. Rakan Turki, CEO of Lamborghini Abu Dhabi and Dubai, said: “The unveiling of the Revuelto represents a quantum leap for Lamborghini. since its announcement our clientele in the UAE had overwhelmingly positive feedback on the latest flagship model, the Revuelto exemplifies Lamborghini’s V12 super sports heritage through its avant-garde design, highly efficient aerodynamics, and innovative carbon frame concept.”

The main structural element of the new automobile is carbon fibre, which is produced through artisan craftmanship in the Sant’Agata Bolognese facility. It is utilised in the frame and monofuselage as well as numerous bodywork components. The extensive use of carbon fibre and lightweight materials, combined with the potent engine power, contributes to achieving weight-to­ power ratio of 1.75 kg/CV, which is the best in the history of Lamborghini. The new Lamborghini Infotainment System in Revuelto provides a fully immersive experience for both the driver and the passenger.

The new Revuelto combines these features to deliver performance figures at the peak of its segment which is acceleration from 0-100 km/h in only 2.5 seconds and a top speed of more than 350 km/h. The model demonstrates its amplified qualities on the track and in everyday driving attributing to these figures combined with its exceptional power that comes from the introduction of electric torque vectoring and four-wheel drive, which is also available in fully electric drive mode.

Mr. Rakan Turki added: “This debut in the UAE automotive market signifies a remarkable step in providing automotive excellence through iconic design & performance, and we cannot wait to see the Revuelto making its mark on the UAE road just like the Aventador did.”


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