In 2020, in honour of its 85th anniversary, Lancôme is re-launching Peut-Être, an iconic fragrance from its past.Composed in 1937 by Armand Petitjean, the House’s founding perfumer, the fragrance’s history and trail embody the expertise and excellence of a brand that has always found inspiration in the spirit of the times.
Its precious bottle designed as an open gate to Lancôme’s original garden, highlights the richness of its wake: an ode to seduction orchestrated by the brand’s emblematic rose.More than a new fragrance, Peut-Être is the new icon for the Maison Lancôme collection.

New Trail…Same Spirit

2020. Lancôme is re-editing a modern version of the iconic fragrance designed by Master Perfumer Nathalie Lorson. This new creation has kept the same inspiration as the original, a French-style garden. It also follows the same seductive and slightly provocative approach. The perfumer kept the emblematic Lancôme rose signature. The Damascena rose essence unveils its
fresh floral and luminous scent and is enhanced by a touch of Jasmine for an addictive and voluptuous fragrance.
Warmed up by the soft, powdery scent of musk and the amber notes of benzoin, the queen of flowers orchestrates a seductive textured skin fragrance.A perfect blend of exceptional raw materials served by a lucid yet emotional signature. Peut- Être, a magnificent expression of Lancôme’s fragrance expertise,remains an irresistible ode to seduction.

A New Emblem For Lancôme

Directly inspired by Lancôme’s heritage, this new edition of Peut-Être asserts the longevity of the brand’s tradition of perfumery. From its founding in 1935, Lancôme has never stopped embodying the excellence of the French fragrance industry. It is only natural that Peut-Être represents the emblem of a collection of rare fragrances that honours the finest raw materials. With its exquisite glass and gold bottle, Peut-Être shines a light on Lancôme’s origins. The bottle’s gold label is shaped like the gate to the Lancôme garden, which was inspired by the one at the garden of the Vallières estate where Armand Petitjean used to live. This symbolic and powerfully evocative design is based on one of the brand’s founding images and serves as a bridge between the past and the present.

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