LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital Hosts Inspiring Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Day Event

LAUMC-Rizk Hospital hosted Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Awareness Day event that took place in the hospital garden on the 30th of May.

This event aimed to educate the public about Multiple Sclerosis, its symptoms, and the latest treatments, while also addressing common misconceptions about the disease, and was organized by the esteemed neurology team at LAUMC-Rizk Hospital, which includes: neurologists Dr. Mohamad Dassouki – Chairman of Neurology Department, Dr. Maya Zeineddine – Clinical Associate Professor at the School of Pharmacy, Dr. Samar Abbas – Director of the Neurology Residency Program, and Dr. Nancy Maalouf – Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology; along with Pharm D students, residents and fellows that volunteered in the event.

The awareness day showcased interactive booths offering insights into Multiple Sclerosis. Attendees were handed brochures detailing the disease, its pathophysiology, and treatment options. There were also educational games simulating MS symptoms, including gait imbalance, walking, blurred vision puzzles, and memory challenges.

Engaging activities like “Spin the Wheel” and “Myth vs. Fact” games were also available to dispel misconceptions about MS. Participants had the chance to win prizes at these game booths.

Adding a special touch to the event, one of the neurology residents played the piano throughout the event emphasizing the importance of ‘music heals’.

Mr. Sami Rizk, CEO at LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital, warmly welcomed everyone and stressed on the following: “We are committed to raising awareness about Multiple Sclerosis and providing support to those affected by this challenging disease. This event is an opportunity to foster the sense of compassion dear to the hospital and create a sense of unity while learning more about MS in an engaging and interactive way.”

The event also featured a heartfelt testimonial from a courageous MS patient; her spirit, resilience, and positivity inspired everyone. She stated: “I never thought that MS could allow me to experience more positive things than the negative. I’m not going to lie and say that I do not have bad days where I want to isolate myself, of course I do, but I always made it a point to have a high spirit, enjoy life to the fullest, and not let the typical obstacles an MS faces to stand in my way. Life is not a straight path and everyone experiences ups and downs. The most important part is for an MS patient to help himself.”

Lastly, Dr. Zeineddine and Dr. Dassouki, embodying the hospital’s commitment to compassionate care, led a comprehensive Q&A session with attendees. Their dedication not only provided detailed insights and information about MS, but also emphasized the healing power of compassion, enriching the educational experience of the event and fostering a supportive environment for all participants. After the conclusion of the Q&A session, MS

patients, physicians, and attendees gathered to release orange balloons into the air, symbolizing hope, unity, and compassion in the fight against Multiple Sclerosis.

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