LAU Medical Center- Rizk Hospital successfully conducted a Live Drill Reinforcing Emergency Preparedness plan.

LAU Medical Center Rizk Hospital has organized a live drill to reinforce its Emergency preparedness plan.

The primary objective of this drill is to train the medical center’s  dedicated team of physicians, nurses, staff, and stakeholders on executing the set Emergency Preparedness Plan in the event of any potential war or disaster scenario.

With a focus on enhancing our emergency response protocols, the life drill will familiarize participants with different codes of alerts and zones to effectively accommodate casualties based on the severity of their injuries.

The drill involved approximately 100 mock disaster or war casualties, who have be transported to the LAUMC-RH Emergency Department by Red Cross ambulances or on foot.

One of the key aspects of this exercise is to train and assess the coordination and integration among various teams, particularly:

  • The Command Center Team,
  • The Incident Command Team,
  • TheCasualties Coordinators Team.

By keeping their teams prepared and well-equipped to perform efficiently under emergency situations, LAUMC-RH reinforces its commitment to providing medical services to the community with care and excellence.

Mr. Sami Rizk declared : « a live drill is for us the best and most efficient training to test our readiness at all levels for any eventual disaster or mass casualties. »

The Hospital CMO, Dr.Adnan Awde commented on the live drill  saying : “this exercise is essential for us to be ready to attend for mass casualties and respond  efficiently to the different received injuries.

 Last but not least, Dr. Georges Ghanem, Deputy CEO for strategy and development at LAU Medical Center Rizk Hospital said:  “Our utmost priority is the safety of our patients and staff. This live drill represents a significant opportunity for us to assess and further enhance our emergency response protocols, ensuring the preparedness and efficiency of our hospital in dealing with emergency situations. Preparedness is to know exactly what they have to do in a specific critical time”

Participating in this drill not only contributes to the overall safety of LAUMC-RH facility, but also offers a unique opportunity for individuals to gain meaningful insights into the medical emergency management process. It is an occasion to familiarize themselves with the organization’s Emergency Preparedness Plan and understand the roles and responsibilities of different teams involved.

LAU Medical Center Rizk Hospital would like to extend its gratitude to the participants, including the Red Cross, for their collaboration and support in making this life drill a success.


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