LAU Medical Center- Saint John’s Hospital, the Official medical partner of the Walk with Al Younbouh

LAU Medical Center Saint John’s Hospital reaffirmed its support to the community and lately participated in Al Younbouh organization walk by being an official sponsor of the al Younbouh Walk event that took place on the 7th of May in the streets of Jounieh and ended up at the Fouad Chehab Stadium.

The Walk was animated by Tony Baroud.

More than 60 people form LAUMC-SJH participated in the walk and the medical center won the biggest participating team trophy.

The walk event ended at LAUMC-SJH premises and was completed by the planting of an olive tree at the hospital garden.

The olive tree was offered by al Younbouh organization to LAUMC-SJH to seal the partnership and the friendship between the two entities and as a sign of appreciativeness for the continued support of the medical center to al Younbouh.


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