LAU Medical Centers Rizk Hospital and Saint John’s Hospital : Official and exclusive medical partners of the OMT Beirut Marathon 2023

LAU Medical Centers Rizk Hospital and Saint John’s Hospital, once again reaffirmed their support to the Beirut Marathon by being the official and exclusive medical partners.

The race was held under the slogan “One Spirit One Race” and the aim of LAU Medical Centers was to spread a message of hope and support to the Lebanese community, while healing with compassion.

As the official and exclusive medical partner, the LAU Medical Centers teams were present in three different medical checkpoints to assist and aid runners’ injuries:

  • The mobile clinic and 2 tents were located at the start / finish line,
  • One tent was set up in Burj Hamoud area
  • A tent was located in Dbayeh.

The LAU Medical Centers team on the ground was supported by Dr. Sally Rabaa – CEO of the LAU Medical Center- Saint John’s Hospital and Mr. Saad El Zein – Assistant to the President for special projects.

The team was composed of physicians, dedicated physiotherapists, seniors residents, dedicated registered nurses, logistics officers, practical nurses, pharmacists, staff members as well as standby registered nurses available in from of the tents ready for intervention if needed.

Overall, more than 100 LAU Medical Centers personnel were mobilized as healthcare providers.

70 patients endured minor injuries and were promptly treated by the on-ground ER team lead by Dr. Rachid Rahme.

They spread the message of hope, unity and togetherness in a broader spectrum under the race’s slogan: “One Spirit One Race” and re-affirmed their mission of healing with compassion.


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