Lebanese Pavilion in Souk Okaz Hosts Famous Attractions and Delicious Cuisine During Taif Season

The gate of the Lebanese Pavilion in the heart of the Arab Quarter in Souk Okaz takes visitors on a journey to Beirut, where they can visit its famous landmarks, buy its beautiful products, enjoy the delicious cuisine, and experience its arts.

Within the pavilion are recreations of some of Lebanon’s most iconic landmarks, so visitors can wander within minutes between Beirut’s Star Square and the Raouché area, before experiencing the magnificent details of the Jeita Grotto, one of the world’s greatest natural wonders.

Authentic Lebanese art and culture is highlighted, with a variety of performances, including folk dancing, music and traditional Lebanese storytelling, recreating tales of civilizations through Lebanon’s history.

Ward Restaurant has also been a popular attraction, with its beautiful architectural character, charming atmosphere, and famous Beirut menu drawing large numbers of visitors to the Arab neighborhood. The Lebanese market offers visitors a range of products, including antiques and souvenirs.

The Arab Quarter, in the heart of Souk Okaz, is being presented for the first time, held under the umbrella of “Taif Season,” which runs throughout August. Lebanon is one of 11 Arab countries represented, with the others being the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, and Saudi Arabia itself. The aim is to position Taif as the Arab summer resort, and enhance its status as one of the most important Arab tourist destinations.

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