#LetsHelpDefeatCorona: Al Rawabi challenges you to Stay Home, to stay calm and to boost your immune systems!

With the current circumstances, now more than ever is the perfect time to take advantage of your #StayHome time to invest in getting a healthier lifestyle while leveraging the existing functional products from Al Rawabi to boost your immune system. Let’s not forget that the immune system is definitely our most precious defense against infection and illness, and that it plays an essential role when it comes to maintaining a good health and therefore fighting COVID-19.


« COVID-19 has created havoc across the globe and we are no exception to this. But the good news is that at Al Rawabi we have already developed functional products which can support in giving our immune system the best possible chance to perform at its optimum level. Don’t forget that if you give your body the nutrients it needs, your immune system gets the resources required to protect you more efficiently. » says Dr Ahmed El Tigani, CEO, Al Rawabi Dairy Company. “Al Rawabi’s functional products are enriched with multivitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, vitamin B6 and vitamin E which are known for boosting immune systems.”, he added.


So while we must lock ourselves at home, to shield ourselves and families against this invisible enemy, Al Rawabi came up with the #LetsHelpDefeatCorona challenge comprising 3x steps:

  1. Stay Home, Stay Calm: There is a strong correlation between stress and health. Which is why it is essential for you to remain calm and positive during the lockdowns, to take advantage of your time to sleep well, by creating simple routines.
  2. Clean & Wash Your Hands: This became one of the most important rituals in the fight against Covid-19. But it shouldn’t stop here. You should also sanitize the digital devices, remotes, … and all electronics that you are sharing within the household.
  3. Boost your immunity: with Al Rawabi’s breakthrough functional products start improving the well-being of your immune system now, before it’s too late:
    • Nutree Boost: has high Vitamin A and D components and is considered a good source of Vitamins E and B9
    • Vitamin D Milk: is enriched in Vitamin D and a great source of Calcium
    • Orange Juice: contains Vitamins A and C. It’s also enriched in minerals such as Potassium, Calcium and Foliate.


Follow Al Rawabi on its social media platforms for more details and all the updates about the #letshelpdefeatcorona challenge and how to join the movement. Stay safe, stay calm, look after each other and let’s help defeat Covid-19!


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