Level Shoes Reveals Artwork in Celebration of the UAE’s 50th

Level Shoes joins forces again with Rami Afifi, contributing to the local street culture and art scene and pushing it global. As part of his previous collaboration with Level Shoes, Rami’s out-of-world artwork is displayed in Dubai’s EXPO2020. This time around, the Palestinian – Egyptian artist unifies Dubai’s contemporary landscape with pop culture, considering the UAE’s core architecture of the past and present.

With perpetual innovation, Level Shoes continues to redefine footwear shopping through meaningful human experiences and heartfelt contributions. The brand has celebrated its passionate people and talented artists through unique campaigns ranging from ‘Level Takes Over Milan’ to ‘Next Level Runway.’

In partnership with Vogue Arabia, Level Shoes is proud to reveal the second edition of the Ball of Arabia in a grand celebration of the UAE’s fiftieth anniversary. The ball will be a jewel of all things gold and glamorous, mirroring the richness of the country’s culture and generosity. The Caesar of Arabic music, Kadim Al Sahir, will be giving the people an exceptional musical performance, elevating the classic feel of the evening.

The artwork Rami Afifi presents for the UAE’s fiftieth will commemorate Level Shoes’ long-standing values with the home country.


For this curation, Level Shoes and Rami wanted to highlight the core message of the UAE, gracing through with unity and growth. It’s a remarkable milestone, celebrating the country’s transformative change that will continue in the next fifty years. The entire piece is a tribute dedicated to the people of the UAE.A past master of the Middle East, Rami Al Afifi expressed As a Palestinian refugee, I have always felt out of place wherever I lived. For me, the UAE represents millions of people like myself who have found their way to this oasis in the desert, where they can thrive and feel at home.


Unparalleled for his use of vibrant colorsRami’s color palette plays into country’s timeline, with sandy and earthy tones on the right-hand side portraying the old UAE and its Bedouin desert-based roots. The more vibrant and colorful left side shows the desert that’s bloomed into a green urban jungle.


The artwork depicts the Nomadic approach of the Emiratis, starting with them exploring the desert to the journey of them exploring spaceIn the background, you can see an architectural timeline of what the UAE has become, from the old Bedouin forts to the ultra-modern architecture of the Louvre Museum.


Please find attached the English press release from the Level Shoes x Rami Afifi collaboration and find below the Level Shoes brand bio. 


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