LG 2019: Smart technology that brings the future to your doorstep

If we ask you how you see the future, would it seem like a simple question? Is it about robots? Or is it about hover boards and flying cars? What if we tell you that LG is already working on the future, and it is much simpler than you imagine?


Amidst our busy daily lives, our constant hustling to make ends meet and continuous effort to do everything all at once, technology has not necessarily come as a superglue to mend everything together, but it has come to remind us to take a deep breath and unwind, knowing that our daily struggles now have a solution. As a matter of fact, technology should aim at making your life easier, make information and knowledge more accessible and enable you to go about your tasks as smoothly as possible.


With its innovative designs and consumer-centric technology, LG has set itself a goal to meet your demands and cater to both your basic and more advanced needs. Who knows, mixing business with pleasure might not be such a bad idea in technology!


Artificial Intelligence is taking up quite a large scope in the technological field and notably in home entertainment. It is now being included in televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and speakers. In fact, 30% of companies are now planning to invest in AI over the next 36 months, and LG is taking the lead in the market of AI-equipped electronics, with consumer-centric innovations as it expands its futuristic vision onto home entertainment. It is no secret that home entertainment has now become a preferred option over the outdoors when opting for coziness and comfort, in such a way that it allows friends and families to share experiences, celebrate holidays and enjoy sports events in a comfortable way, bringing them closer together.


And what is a holiday or a sports game without a competent TV to match your enthusiasm? LG makes sure you enjoy at-home experiences through the 8K OLED TV, with a noticeably better picture quality and greatly increased pixels per inch, making it a one-of-a-kind experience no matter what you are watching.


LG has thought of everything. We would not give you the TV without thinking of the perfect sound system to match your expectations. We therefore provide you with the LG XBOOM Speakers, capable of emitting a high-fidelity powerful sound in order for you to enjoy every aspect of your experience.


As Managing Director at LG Levant, Hong Ju Jeon puts it, “LG is on a constant search for the newest innovations, mixing both sophistication and practicality, in order to guarantee the user a comfortable and productive experience”.


As we run at the hectic rhythm of life, we are currently in a constant need for high-speed internet, not only for mobile searches and entertainment purposes, but also for growing businesses and companies. High-speed internet actually provides a more effective work environment, increasing productivity and making office tools more reliable.


Nowadays, flexible means practical. Whether for marketing purposes, events or regular consumer experience, flexible screens are now trending. With its sophisticated and futuristic OLED screens, LG is stepping into the world of immersive viewing by offering you a new augmented reality perspective.


“LG has a vision of the future, and the main aspect of it is to make people’s lives easier while enabling them to take time for themselves and enjoy quality time without worries”, adds Jeon.


Let’s just say that LG has not only thought of everything, it has also thought of everyone. We don’t want you to worry about the future, LG already has you covered.

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