LG Display Introduces Latest Cutting-edge Displays for Airplanes, Automobiles, and More at CES 2020

LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of display technologies, highlighted its global leadership by introducing its latest displays and technologies at CES 2020 in Las Vegas from January 7 to 10.

Under the slogan of “Your Lifestyle with LG Display,” the company introduced how advanced display products can be applied to people’s everyday lives in various settings such as in airplanes, automobiles, homes, hotels, offices, and commercial spaces. By doing so, the company proved how display technologies can further expand to meet the versatile needs of customers’ varied lifestyle patterns and to fit the characteristics of various spaces.

For Airplanes: Premium OLEDs provide spectacular in-flight experiences


LG Display upgraded the in-flight experiences for passengers with its innovative OLED displays that offer unmatched picture quality and premium value. To this end, the company showcased OLED video walls, made of a series of 55-inch OLED displays installed on the wall of a plane, enabling people to feel more openness in the narrow space of an enclosed cabin.


In addition, LG Display presented various OLED display products that elevate the First-Class experience and create a new perception of flight. Its 65-inch Ultra HD (UHD) Bendable OLED display, which can bend at both ends, enable passengers to enjoy more immersive on-screen images by adjusting the curvature of the display according to their preferences, especially when playing games or watching movies.


The company also unveiled a 55-inch Full HD (FHD) Transparent OLED display with 40 percent transparency for use as a partition in the cabin. This screen can show videos and information, and if the passengers prefer privacy, they can turn the visor feature off. The company’s 13.3-inch Plastic OLED (POLED) tablet was additionally placed in the cabin.


For Hotels & Homes: OLED innovation adds spatial beauty and takes user value to another level


LG Display introduced the latest Cinematic Sound OLED displays with the sound system embedded into the display to generate sound directly from it. On show was a 77-inch UHD Film Cinematic Sound & Wallpaper OLED display to be hung like wallpaper with the company’s newly unveiled sound system made of films, which makes the display wafer-thin. The company also showcased an 88inch 8K Cinematic Sound OLED display with a magnificent 11.2 channel sound system. This innovative product transforms ordinary space into a perfect personal theatre by combining elegant design with powerful picture quality, as well as excellent integral sound.


The company also unveiled a 65-inch UHD Roll-Down OLED display, an innovation which points to the future of home interior design. It is stored in the ceiling and can be pulled down when desired and rolled up when not in use. It is expected to raise the level of smart home interior by maximizing use of space. In addition, LG Display added another size of OLED TV display to its line-up of 55-inch, 65inch, 77-inch, and 88-inch OLED TV displays, expanding consumer options by unveiling a 48-inch OLED TV display for the first time in the world.






For Automobiles: Leading technology melts into space naturally and maximizes aesthetic value


LG Display unveiled various automotive displays that will enable people to experience unmatched picture quality as well as high-end design at CES this year. To this end, the company showcased its Plastic OLED displays for automobiles. On display was a super-size dashboard with four POLED automotive displays, including the company’s 14-inch Cluster, 12.3-inch Centre Information Display (CID), 12.3-inch Co-Driver Display (CDD), and 12.8-inch Control Pad Display (Centre Fascia), combined together in a single cover glass that makes for a refined overall design.


In addition, the company introduced a multi-layered cluster with a 12.3-inch POLED display positioned right behind a 12.3-inch Transparent OLED display to show dynamic information. Its innovative 12.8-inch Rollable OLED display was conceptually showcased on the back of the driver’s seat for entertainment, though it can also be installed anywhere else in the car.


For Offices & Retail Shops: Cutting-edge displays for the smart era enhance user convenience 


LG Display’s user-friendly displays with in-TOUCH technology can be used in various settings such as at schools, offices, commercial spaces, and museums. For example, the company’s 55-inch Transparent OLED display with 40 percent transparency will serve as a digital showcase, adding a sense of openness to commercial spaces, providing information easily with an intuitive touch, and attracting the attention of consumers.


The company also demonstrated an 86-inch LCD display with its in-TOUCH technology embedded inside the display, which enables greater touch precision, clearer picture quality, and slimmer design. In addition, this new display can be used as an electronic whiteboard by allowing four active pens to work on it simultaneously.


LG Display is focusing on the potential of technology that can provide premium and differentiated value to customers as well as displays that are integral to their everyday lives. To this end, the company plans to pioneer new areas in the display industry and continue to innovate based on its differentiated technology, thorough quality control, and stable supply capability.


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