Life begins at 50: John Saad Tunes to Trekking Passion, Embarks on Second Challenge to the Kilimanjaro

After taking one of the most picturesque trekking routes in the Himalayas and reaching the Everest Base Camp last year, renowned Lebanese TV and radio personality, John Saad, has stepped up his passion a notch by embarking on his second trekking adventure outside Lebanon. On May 24, 2024 Saad will land in Arusha, the gateway city for most safaris in northern Tanzania and first step of scaling the Uhuru Peak.

The Challenge

The Kilimanjaro Trek, reaching the summit of Africa at 5,895 meters, covers a round trip of 160 kilometers, spread over seven days on the mountain.

Everything starts with a dream

“In a country bogged down by tension, I found myself fighting to fulfill my dream whilst simultaneously serving a number of causes that could help alleviate the negative aspects of our daily lives in Lebanon. Thus, through my journey, I’ve decided to send a message of hope and empowerment. For an age group that feels that its window to shine has passed, it’s of paramount importance to highlight the fact that much could still be accomplished. In a divided country, it’s key to demonstrate unity, regardless of background, religion, or political color, Saad added.

Making a statement: Life begins at 50

According to 57-year-old Saad, it’s never too late to dream as “life begins at 50”. The middle-aged “non-athlete” further notes that by means of completing his first challenge to Everest Base Camp and now the second one to the Uhuru Peak, he’d be championing a spirit of unity, making a statement, pushing the boundaries, and sending several messages such as “motivating people to get out of their comfort zone; encouraging middle-aged men and women to continue to strive and dream; inspiring others to be active, to connect with nature, and to challenge their limits; uniting under one flag, one Lebanon, one Everest and one Kilimanjaro; and showing beyond doubt that a regular person can always achieve and reach higher goals.”

Streaming and sponsors

The trekking and outdoors enthusiast has teamed up on this journey with a small group of trekking amateurs alongside Everest Summiteer Rawan Dakik, who has also successfully climbed the World’s 7 Summits (the highest 7 Peaks on each continent) who organized the trip along with her adventure company “Dakik Expeditions”. It is also worth noting that Dakik holds the record of being the Youngest Lebanese to both Summit Everest and complete the 7 Summits!

Full coverage of the 10-day “KILIMANJARO TREK 2024” will be daily Aired on MTV Lebanon and the following Media Partners: The Mountains Magazine Lebanon, OMG Group, WhatsUpLebanon, Mondanite, Lakom Magazine, Beiruting, as well as on John Saad’s official pages. Instagram: Facebook:

This expedition is sponsored by Spinneys Lebanon,

supported by Sports Experts / Salomon,

fueled by Bjorg,

Organized by Dakik Expeditions,

Inspired by The Mountain Magazine Lebanon.

The team’s nutrition supervision is conducted by NutriForm Clinic.

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