Life-changing surgery: 64-year-old patient transitions from wheelchair to walking at SGH Madinah

An impressively skilled neurosurgeon at Saudi German Hospital Madinah removed a spinal cord tumour (thoracic region) from a 64-year-old patient through microsurgery, allowing him to regain mobility after being confined to a wheelchair.

Initially, the patient suffered from a gradual weakening of the right leg for over five months, which led to hemiplegia, necessitating the use of a wheelchair.

Leveraging his expertise, Dr. Ashraf al-Zareef, a consultant neurosurgeon, employed advanced techniques to remove the tumour. The surgery was completed successfully without any anaesthetic or surgical complications.

Just four hours after surgery, the patient regained near-normal movement in his leg. Remarkably, by the following day, he was able to walk independently without any assistance.

With high-powered microscopes and advanced instruments at their disposal, surgeons at Saudi German Hospital Madinah are equipped to perform intricate brain, nerve and spinal cord procedures, ensuring remarkable accuracy and safety.

This microsurgical expertise enables them to perform life-changing interventions with minimal complications while embodying the ‘Caring Like Family’ ethos.

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