Lilly Becker goes BALL-istic! When Boris’s ex saw pictures of his new lover putting suncream on her son, she fired off a fiery message… but that was NOTHING compared to the volley of fury she serves up in an interview

How furious can you be while on a yacht off the coast of Sardinia? Quite furious, it seems. The woman who is still, technically, Mrs Boris Becker, is livid. Any woman in her position (I don’t think she means on a yacht, though) would be, she insists.

‘There are RULES,’ says Lilly Becker, hoicking her white bikini top into place. ‘They aren’t written down, but there are woman-to-woman rules, a kind of code of conduct about these things.

‘When I was Boris’s new girlfriend, I adhered to them. When I was on holiday for the first time with his children from his first marriage, I called his ex-wife, Barbara, beforehand. You just DO.

You say: “Hello, my name is Lilly. I want to make this easy. Does your child have allergies? Is there anything I should know?”

‘She didn’t do that. Worse, she ignored me when I tried to make contact — and I was polite, too. I wished her a good holiday. Yet next thing I knew she was in all the papers putting sunscreen on my son.

‘CREAMING HIM! He didn’t need creaming. Boris is the one who needs Factor 70, with his red hair. Go cream Boris! I had asked her not to mother my child. So yes, I am furious. My son is OUT OF BOUNDS. HANDS OFF HIM.’

Blimey. Becker’s new girlfriend might want to run now (‘yes, any woman who is in his life will have to deal with me, too,’ Lilly points out, lest anyone be in doubt).

What on earth has happened? Well, this week Wimbledon legend Boris — a man as famous for his womanising as for his 139mph serve — has done it again, turning his complicated love life into a spectator sport.


There are RULES… but she just ignored me
Lilly Becker

The man has form, obviously. That story of him having conceived a child in a broom cupboard during a wham-bam liaison with a model at Nobu restaurant has been misreported over the years, but was still largely true (except the deed in question was performed on the stairs, not in the broom cupboard).

This week the big, blond blunderbuss has been at it again.

He possibly (probably?) thought little of it when he jetted off to Ibiza with his new girlfriend Lilian De Carvalho Monteiro.

Alas, the couple also took the ten-year-old son, Amadeus, he shares with estranged wife Lilly. All hell erupted when Lilly — on a separate holiday — saw the new woman in his life, whom she has never met, applying suncream to her son.

It might have seemed like an over-reaction when she fired off an angry ‘hands off!’ missive on Instagram (which promptly went viral before it was deleted), but there is background, it seems.

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