“Little Reed” Reopens to Offer Authentic Village-Like Experience in Mount Lebanon

Little Reed, the charming farmhouse that is located in the heart of nature just a few miles from Beirut, is proud to announce the opening of the new season and is now ready to host visitors and to offer an extraordinary experience.

Little Reed is situated in Qsaibe Village in Mount Lebanon and strives to offer an authentic and engaging experience that enables guests to reconnect with their roots, village, and the natural environment. Guests can enjoy open buffet made by locals every weekend and can engage in a range of activities, including farming, hiking, and agriculture-related pursuits, to enhance their experience.

Elissa Zeidane, the owner of the project, describes Little Reed’s return, saying, “Little Reed is like visiting your grandparents’ house in the village – it’s a cozy, genuine experience that’s rooted in tradition. We aim to share this experience with all visitors and promote warmth and well-being while supporting our local treasures.”

At Little Reed, guests can savor an authentic village encounter, including traditional meals prepared by local experts. The founders are committed to collaborating with nearby producers to encourage sustainable development and support small-scale businesses in Lebanon. She added.

Furthermore, Little Reed serves as a venue for animal-assisted activities to support people with special needs. A pilot project with Step Together NGO is undertaken with international therapists for children. Little Reed also hosts events, from yoga days to environmental days and rural guest tables, supporting agronomy and eco-tourism.

People can know more about Little Reed by visiting their website and Instagram or by calling locally 76-007300 to book a visit and experience Lebanon’s rural charm firsthand.

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