Liv launches ‘Game-On Deposit’, a gamified fixed deposit providing customers enhanced interest rates

Liv, UAE’s first and largest digital bank launched by Emirates NBD, a leading banking group in the MENAT (Middle East, North Africa and Türkiye) region, has introduced ‘Game On Deposit’, a gamified fixed deposit offering through which customers can get enhanced interest rates of up to 10%.

 To participate, customers must open a Game-On Deposit from 27 May until 28 June 2024, coinciding with the start of the knockout matches, and are required to predict a team they believe will win the 2024 European Football Tournament. If their selected team wins, they stand the chance to earn 10% interest on their fixed deposit. If their team reaches the semi-finals, they will earn an interest rate of 5%. Otherwise, they will receive 2.3% market interest. The minimum required fixed deposit amount is AED 5,000 for a tenure of four months. Additionally, customers can open any number of fixed deposits to bid on their predicted team(s).

 Pedro Sousa Cardoso, Chief Digital Officer, Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Emirates NBD, said: “Liv’s innovation DNA remains intact as it continues to disrupt traditional industry paradigms by offering customers innovative, out of the box financial products and services, that align with their interests and preferences. Through our unique campaign, we are using gamification to encourage customers, many of whom are football enthusiasts to save while earning returns in a fun and engaging manner. We encourage all new and existing Liv customers to make the most of our exciting Game-On Deposit campaign and grab the opportunity to earn lucrative interest rates.”

 Liv’s differentiated value proposition continues to offer customers a host of innovative and rewarding products and services, such as this industry’s first Game-On Deposit. It was the first and only digital bank to introduce the Money Ahead Deposit, a four-month fixed deposit with a lucrative interest rate of 4% giving users interest upfront on day one, instead of waiting for the deposit tenure to receive the interest, as well as the popular Automated Savings Goals Accounts, which enables customers to setup automations in their accounts and spendings, such as rounding up a certain amount every time the card is used, or put some money aside every time a salary is received, helping customers to save automatically, intelligently and hassle free over time, all of which is well remunerated with a high yield interest rate.

Through these innovative offerings Liv Digital Bank by Emirates NBD has acquired over half a million customers, or approximately 10% of the bankable population in the UAE alone, making it a global case study and an example of how innovation and trust combined can work together to create additional value. Liv Digital Bank has continued to solidify its position as the leading digital bank in the region, being awarded Best Digital Bank in the Middle East and in the UAE by Asian Banker, as well as MENA Digital Bank of the Year and Best Digital Bank in the UAE by MEED – MENA Banking Excellence Awards in 2024.

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