L’Oréal Liban Launches its Philanthropic Program « Beauty For a Better Life” in Taanayel and opens its 3rd Training Center in cooperation with Kayany Foundation

A Global and Comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility Plan for L’Oréal Foundation

Under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Education and Higher Education, Doctor Abbas Halabi, L’Oréal Liban launched its philanthropic program “Beauty for a Better Life” in Taanayel, Beqaa where it inaugurated its third training academy in collaboration with Kayany Foundation in the presence of Mr. Youssef Al Braidy, Director of the Education zone in the Beqaa, representing the Minister of Education and Higher Education; Mrs. Emilie Wahab Harb, Managing Director, L’Oréal Liban, Mrs. Nora Jumblatt, Founder and President of Kayany Foundation as well as key opinion stakeholders from the Beqaa region and members from the press.

The L’Oréal Foundation “Beauty for a Better Life” program is an international program, present in more than 29 countries around the world. It aims at helping underprivileged persons regain their self-confidence and reintegrate them in society through a professional and free training in the professions related to Beauty such as hair styling, make up, skin and nail care.

In her welcome speech, Mrs. Emilie Wahab Harb, Managing Director L’Oréal Liban, declared: “Beauty is not just a brand, a product or a service; it is a human and social commitment embodied in our activities and projects across Lebanon, and the world. She added: “The program “Beauty for a Better Life” stems from a large expertise in the beauty and the cosmetics worlds that dates 100 years, and we are proud in sharing our knowledge and expertise with the vulnerable communities around us in order to give them hope and empower them through an academic program and a certificate that will allow them to be successful and open new doors and opportunities for them”. Mrs. Wahab thanked Kayany Foundation saying: “We take immense pride in our collaboration with Kayany, a Foundation that distinguished itself with its seriousness and dedication in helping thousands of underprivileged girls and ladies to reach a new ambitious and useful life”. She also thanked the Minister of Education and Higher Education, Doctor Abbas Halabi for his sponsorship of the inauguration event and his faith in the program. She concluded by thanking Maybelline and Essie, L’Oréal’s brands, which contributed to the success of this educational program, by providing Products, human expertise, and the resources needed to accompany the students.

Mrs. Nora Jumblatt, Founder and President of Kayany, thanked L’Oréal Foundation for their valuable initiative saying: “Both L’Oréal and Kayany believe that no matter their background, nationality, or religion, people should be given an equal opportunity to acquire the skills and tools needed to integrate themselves into society. We are proud and honored to collaborate with L’Oréal Liban, and we are confident that our collaboration will lead us to fruitful results. She concluded: “Hand in hand, we will surely succeed in saving a generation through education, and help the less fortunate regain self-esteem and reintegrate themselves into society.

Speaking on behalf of the Minister, Mr. Youssef Al Braidy, Director of the Education zone in the Beqaa, praised the considerable efforts the Kayany Foundation is doing in supporting the individuals through education especially women. He thanked L’Oréal Liban on the investment the company is doing to spread the culture of beauty through education and securing job opportunities amongst deprived generations.

This philanthropic program was launched in 2009 celebrating the Group centenary anniversary. 98 training centers have been inaugurated in collaboration with 57 NGOs and civil societies across the globe until the end of 2021. These educational centers have succeeded in training more than 27,000 people, most of whom are women, who have managed to overcome their challenges.

Lebanon was among the first countries in the world to launch this social educational program in 2014 in partnership with SOS Children’s Villages Lebanon, and in 2018 with the Kayany Foundation. To date, more than 450 beneficiaries, including young men and women from SOS, and others who have endured difficult family and social experiences, have benefited from this program in Lebanon.

After the huge success the program garnered, and in order to give the opportunity to a larger number of under privileged persons to benefit from it, a 3rd academy was launched to support Lebanese and Syrian girls and ladies and help them restore their self-confidence and reintegrate them in the society through a free professional training in beauty related professions.

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