L’Oréal Paris and ELIE SAAB are pleased to announce an exclusive collaboration with one shared passion; to offer beauty and boost women’s confidence whilst bringing a magical touch to daily life. The universal makeup collection draws on L’Oréal Paris’ unrivalled scientific excellence and color expertise combined with ELIE SAAB’s signature refinement and artistry.


“My goal has always been to make women look beautiful and this collection allows me to bring an array of products to fit into women’s lives; helping them to feel more elegant and confident in their everyday.” – Elie Saab.


Known as an arbiter of exquisite taste and craftsmanship, Elie Saab is one of the most acclaimed designers in the fashion industry. His haute couture creations have graced red carpets as well as adorning the aisles of countless remarkable – not to mention royal – weddings. And it’s this effusive celebration of feminine power that has connected L’Oréal Paris x ELIE SAAB to collectively enchant and empower women. The result is one luxurious makeup collection that allows every woman to feel special.


“More than just a fashion collaboration, the launch of this collection during such unprecedented times will be a way for L’Oréal Paris and ELIE SAAB to bring optimism, beauty and self-worth; an accessible way for every woman to indulge in a little escapism and experience the strength that comes from beauty.” Delphine Viguier-Hovasse, L’Oréal Paris Global Brand President.


The L’Oréal Paris x ELIE SAAB makeup collection will be launched in May 2021.


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