.Ma’an has launched the support of two fundraising campaigns on its Contribution Platform, National Programme for Organs and Tissues Donations and Orphans Support Programme .The campaigns have a combined goal of AED 15 million, which will be used to cover vital costs, strengthening the impact of the worthwhile projects .Contributions can be easily donated through the Ma’an Contribution Platform for the two programmes .Ma’an Contribution Platform is the official fundraising platform of Abu Dhabi

Ma’an has announced the launch of two fundraising campaigns on its pioneering Contribution Platform, fostering awareness and contributions towards The Organ Transplant Support and Orphan’s Support with the aim of raising a significant AED 15 million in financial support

As Abu Dhabi’s official fundraising site, Ma’an’s Contribution Platform is dedicated to harnessing the nation’s generosity and supporting the culture of social contribution and participation. The Platform enables socially-engaged companies and individuals to provide financial contributions for strategic projects and programmes, which meet Abu Dhabi’s specific needs.

The National Programme for Organs and Tissues Donations is one of the pioneering initiatives, which enables contributions and the saving of others. Abu Dhabi Health Services company, “SEHA”, is considered a strategic partner for the national programme and is one of the two campaigns supported on Ma’an’s Contribution Platform. The platform aims to raise contributions to cover costs related to organ transfers and enhance community culture and perception of organ donations. Contributions will be used to cover the operation expenses and medicine costs for beneficiaries’ patients throughout their recovery period.

The second campaign is the Orphan’s Support Programme. The campaign supports orphans in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, to empower and ease their integration in the community. It aims to provide orphans with the needed social support through tailored educational and family support programmes. Contributions will be used to support education expenses, marriage expenses and other expenses related to opening a new house and graduating from family care.

The two campaigns are in line with Abu Dhabi’s social priorities of family, community and social cohesion, education and skills development.

Fahad Al Ahbabi, Acting Executive Director, Social Investment Fund at Ma’an, said: “As an organisation whose objective is to find solutions to pressing social challenges in creative and innovative ways with the aim to enrich people’s lives for the better, we are delighted to be launching the National Programme for Organs and Tissues Donations and the Orphan’s Support Programme initiatives.

“These are two significant programmes that we strongly believe will make a big difference and through Ma’an’s Contribution Platform, which has delivered positive results so far, it will accelerate our efforts in creating a positive impact.

“More importantly, it is fundamental that we highlight the importance of social impact projects and what we want to achieve. We are fortunate that Abu Dhabi is a place where members of the public are very generous in caring for others and ready to help in any way they can, and with their financial contributions, no matter how big or small, being used towards addressing key issues can go a long way in touching the lives of people for the better.

“I encourage all members of the Abu Dhabi’s communities to step forward and contribute towards two meaningful campaigns and play their part in making a positive difference.”

Dr. Ali Abdul Kareem Al Obaidli, Group Chief Academic Affairs Officer, SEHA, and Chief Medical Officer, SEHA Kidney care, said: “We are so honoured to be supported by Ma’an and its Contribution Platform, with first phase of the collaboration raising costs to cover donate and organ transplant procedures, which may not be covered by medical insurance or government support. It will also raise awareness to encourage organ donation among the UAE community. Through the generous contributions, social support will be provided to donors and their families according to specific standards, similar to international best practices, which will be positively reflected in saving the lives of many patients from terminal organ failures. We want to highlight the importance of organ donation in saving lives of patients affected by terminal organ failures such as kidney failure, which affects 4,000 people almost in the UAE who are currently receiving dialysis treatments. The programme will also help patients suffering from conditions which have led to liver, heart, lungs, and pancreatic failure.

“Although the total number of post-mortem donation cases in the UAE is relatively few, the UAE has made impressive achievements in regards of launching the donation programme and multiple organ transplantations conducted within a short period. The UAE has exceeded the global average of donated organs per person who have donated after death. The rate in the UAE is 3.7 in 2019, while the global average is 3.5. In addition, kidney transplantation has grown, with approximately 316 kidney transplants for children and adults from the start of the transplant programme until the end of September 2020”.

Al Obaidli continued: “We are very humbled to live somewhere that has such a strong spirit of giving and participation and we give thanks to Ma’an for continuing to reinforce these important values.”

Commenting on the Orphans Support Programme, Fahad Al Ahbabi said: “The children within the programme are in need of support from communities across Abu Dhabi. Through society’s generosity, we’ll be able to help provide the little ones with the education and emotional guidance they need as well as enrol them into family support programmes. The money we seek to raise will help more than 350 beneficiaries, enhancing the lives of so many both directly and indirectly.”

Easily contribute today by visiting and clicking “Contribute Now”. Enter personal details, the amount to contribute and which campaign to support, and the money will be allocated straight to the fund of that project.

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