Mai Dubai’s fully automated facility continues to run at full production capacity of over 1 million units per day amidst current situation

Mai Dubai, a bottled water company fully owned by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), revealed that the ongoing coronavirus disease (COVID-19) crisis has not disrupted its operations and that the company continues its supplies through its fully automated factory and achieves its production target of over 1 million units per day.

The Mai Dubai facility is equipped with ample stocks and continues to receive raw material supply as usual, in addition to having back-up supply systems in place. Besides, the operations of the facility are fully automated; starting from the arrival of raw material in the warehouses till the very end, that is the loading of the bottled water onto trucks for dispatch. Even the internal transport is done by monorails, with zero human intervention contributing to a near 100 per cent hands-free operations.

Alexander van ‘t Riet, CEO of Mai Dubai, said: “The recent plant expansion in our factory now enables us to easily address the spike in product demand, which we have been witnessing over the past few weeks. Thanks to the visionary leadership of our shareholders, we are well equipped to produce even 30 per cent more than the quantity needed to address the current market demand.”

He added, “Using the expanded production capacity, we have have been able to fill our fully automated warehouse with strategic stock and can guarantee the availability of all our products, from our classic Mai Dubai products to the newly introduced Alkaline – Zero Sodium bottle. While a phase of business disruptions unfolds around the world, we, in fact, have seen a spike in the demand for Mai Dubai products, including for home supply. The demand has been fulfilled without any interruption, by our tremendous staff and delivery teams, and our production continues to be in full swing. Moreover, from an environmental perspective, our products are produced sustainably, as our entire facility runs on solar energy.”

Mai Dubai’s factory and office building run fully on solar energy, abating 10,000MTs of carbon emissions annually. The facility is known for having the second-largest solar roof installation in the world and is the largest solar-powered company in the Middle East. The company strives to provide high quality, innovative, and safe products with efficient services while remaining socially and environmentally responsible.

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