Mama Rita’s Essential Comfort Food: New Menu Items Revealed

When Mama Rita is in the kitchen, her favourite part of cooking the oh-so-flavourful Middle Eastern cuisine is the kaleidoscope of sensory elements that come to mind: from the aromatically sharp perfume of cinnamon, cumin and thyme to the refreshing notes of earthy zaatar, zesty lemon and citrusy sumac. To pay further homage, Mama Rita is introducing a few much-loved Levantine dishes that are comfort food at its finest.


The additional menu items are some of the most well-known dishes of the Middle Eastern repertoire. ‘Kibbeh’, a combination of cracked bulghur wheat and a seasoned mixture of kafta, is nicknamed as Lebanon’s national dish. These stuffed meat croquettes are baked, served within a cooked yogurt sauce and sprinkled with traditional Lebanese spices. Another variation of Kibbe is served as ‘Kibbe Bel Saniyeh’ whereby finely ground beef is combined with fine bulghur and spices, then sandwiched between a layer of sautéed seven-spiced ground beef with onions and pine nuts and baked to a beautiful golden brown.

Another dish making its Mama Rita debut is the beloved ‘Shish Barak’, bite-sized ravioli-like meat dumplings cooked in a yogurt stew. A classic Lebanese meal, named ‘Sayadieh’, roughly translating to “catch”, is a favorite family recipe, consisting of warm Mediterranian spices, caramelized onions, and perfectly cooked pieces of fish.               


Mama Rita serves plates that are simple yet rustic with the hopes of striking a chord in people’s hearts, consistently bringing you pure comfort through food. Visit to have your pick of wholesome meals, available Sundays to Saturday from 11 AM to 10 PM.


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